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Downloadable e-Painting Pattern - Yosemite Sunset by Bill Bayer - Oil

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Yosemite by Bill Bayer

The colors and magnificence of this  beautiful  scene with  huge redwood trees is fabulous!  Bill Bayer teaches this reproduction of the original by Albert Bierstadt in oils with step by step instructions and 6 nice step photos so you can easily follow along with the written directions.

*When you purchase this product you will receive an automatically generated email Order Confirmation that contains the link for downloading the pattern packet. Save the file and then print off the line drawing and/or other pages when you are ready to paint.

You can enlarge the line drawing to paint this any size you wish.


Ivory Black 
Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue 

Dioxazine Purple 
Alizarin Crimson 
Burnt Sienna 
Transparent Gold 
Indian Yellow 
Cadmium Red Light 
Cadmium Orange 
Cadmium Yellow Light 
Titanium White 
Liqui-glaze Medium
Raw Sienna acrylic for toning canvas

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