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Downloadable e-Painting Pattern - Believe by Michele Walton - Acrylic

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Downloadable e-Painting Pattern - Believe by Michele Walton - Acrylic

Another exquisitely unique and beautifully painted design from Artist Michele Walton.  It's been said that her work is the perfect mix between Fine Art and Decorative Art! This is a piece that will surely become a well loved family heirloom that you will look forward to displaying throughout the Christmas season!   

Taught with detailed step by step instruction, step reference photos, and full size pattern pieces that you can fit together without any enlarging.  

*This design is suitable for any 18" to 20" oval band box, tray or plate. The original design is painted on a band box with a 2 1/2"scalloped lid, and 7" deep base. To paint as shown on a bandbox with the design around the bottom of the box, you will need 4" showing below the lid edge.

PALETTE - JoSonja Acrylics  or Convert to DecoArt Traditions Acrylic

Olive Branch
Antique Brass
Napthol Red Light
Brown Madder
Burnt Sienna
Purple Madder
Diox. Purple
Ultra Blue Deep
Green Oxide
Moss Green
Yellow Light
Yellow Deep
Yellow Oxide
Gold Oxide
Smoked Pearl
Titanium White
Burnt Umber
Rich and Pale Gold or Traditions True Gold
Opal Dust

JoSonja Sealer
JoSonja Kliester Medium  or Traditions Faux Finish  Medium (optional)
JoSonja or Traditions Clear Glaze Medium
JoSonja Retarder or Traditions Extender & Blending Medium

Large Mop Brush
JoSonja Pointed Blenders (variety of sizes).
Domed Blenders - #8 or #1 O
See through ruler
Gold and Silver Gold Leaf (and leaf
adhesive)- Optional or Use DecoArt Traditions brand True Gold


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