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Wind Chimes Add Twinkling Sparkle

Posted on Jun 24, 2014 by in Garden Decorations | 0 comments

DIY Wind Chimes at Art Apprentice Online

Wind Chimes are Fun to make

For those of us who love a little bling, the garden and patio are not off limits. After all, what’s a girl to do with all those pretty beads? Ok I’m out of the closet…truth be known…I’m a beadaholic! I’ve developed a bit of a bead fetish, and wanted to make wind chimes for the patio.

How to make Wind Chimes

Where to begin? I needed it to sparkle in the sunlight, add lots of color and make a pretty sound. What were my options? Beads would give me the colors, crystals or glass would add twinkle and metal would make a pretty sound! Oakie Dokie! I had a plan!

Over the years I have also amassed quite a collection of old silver things: from trays, to candy dishes, little canapé servers, teapots, sugar bowls, creamers, candle sticks and the rest of the hoard. You just never know when you might be needing a silver thing or two! I now have big trunk full of old silver things. After a quick search, some candle sticks, a candy dish, and a sugar bowl fit the project and I was in business!

Directions and Supplies for your Twinkling Wind Chimes

  • Pin nose pliers
  • Stainless steel wire – (you don’t want it to rust)
  • Large metal rings (the kind you use for key rings) (dollar stores)
  • Old silver items – cleaned so they will sparkle in the sunlight.
  • Colorful plastic beads (if they are going to be exposed to weather buy inexpensive beads)(dollar stores)
  • Trinkets – I used found shells and old crystals. I also had metal letters from the Alphabet, so used one for each member of our family. I attached these at the end of each stringer.
  • Fishing nylon 10lb test
  • Scissors
  • Jingle bells – I had some from Christmas decorations.
  • Glue – E6000 – Industrial strength adhesive (keep out of reach of children, its poisonous)

How to make Wind Chimes? 

I went to the dollar store and bought all their pretty beads. They had quite a nice assortment and all were either acrylic or glass. I didn’t want to use expensive beads. I think I used about $10-$15 worth of beads overall. You can even use shells or beads from old necklaces…whatever will work and add sparkle. Not wood, they won’t last in weather or harsh heat and humidity.

How to make Beaded Wind Chimes

  • Assemble the hanging part like I did, anything that that gives you an umbrella shape so you can attach the large key rings to the outside. I used the silver candy dish upside down. Now observe that the main piece for me has a delicate lacy pattern around the outside edge…this way I didn’t have to drill holes, they were already there.
  • Inside the candy dish (remember it’s upside down), I glued the silver sugar bowl using the E6000 glue. (Read the gluing directions well) Apply glue to both surfaces, wait a while and then stick them together. Wait a few more hours until they are set in place and won’t come apart.
  • I used the handles of the sugar bowl to wire the first upside down candle stick in place. Think of this like a bell chime. It swings freely in the center of the sugar bowl. Wind Chimes need to chime!
  • I spaced the key rings around the outside and attached random lengths of stainless wire to start. You can also use nylon for the bead stringers. I have used both.  Mine hang at different lengths from 12” to 30”. If you are unsure of where it will hang, use colored yarns to create a visual before you begin.

How to make Wind Chimes Twinkle

  • Time to add the beads…have fun stringing beads in whatever order. I liked using the translucent beads alternating with opaque ones.
  • Position some big beads or shells at eye level and so they will touch each other when the wind blows.
  • Add jingle bells or metal spoons for extra sound at the end of the stringers.
  • Use the wire to attach your treasures or secure with the nylon.

How to make  Wind Chimes Sound

The Hanger at the Top of the Wind Chime

Make three shorter strings of beads and secure together like a tee-pee. I wrapped the foot of the candy dish with wire and then again around the base to come together through one bead. Your gizmo might be a little different…just play with it so it hangs secure.  Or attach a single hanger to a key ring for hanging. When the sun catches the light of the crystals, showers of light sparkle across the patio, it also comes right into my art studio to remind me to go outside and enjoy the summer weather! All work and no play makes Tallulah (aka Neadeen) a dull girl! LOL!


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