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Bohemian Chic With Chalky Paint Colors

Posted on Jun 9, 2014 by in Chalky Paint Ideas | 0 comments

DecoArt Chalky Paint Colors chair by Art Apprentice Online

Bohemian Chic livens up an Old Chair.

When you least expect it, the creative bug bites you. In this case, I’m not sure if it’s the bug, or just the need to use what we have or get rid of it! Use it or lose it as the saying goes. This old chair has been sitting in the storage shed for years. Covered in dust and chipped paint, it was time to do something with it…Always loved the style of chair; it has good bones and is comfortable. I really didn’t want to part with it. What to do with the chair? I love the Bohemian look…Bright colors… kind of gypsy-ish, even borderline hippie!  The colors of the DecoArt Chalky Paint would give me the look I was after. Bohemian Chic is what I like to call this one!

Bohemian chic Chair with Chalky Paint Colors  by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

Selecting the Chalky Paint Colors

It wasn’t hard to decide what colors to use…are you ready for this? No… not turquoise, but red-orange! Yes it’s a great complement to the color turquoise and red orange always looks good outdoors. Since my other patio rescues were in turquoise, the red orange color family would be a great fit. This chair was destined for my studio patio.

DecoArt Chalky Paint Colors chair by Art Apprentice Online

Gather Supplies and Get Ready to Begin Painting!

The supplies were easy to locate; sand paper, a few old brushes, a Styrofoam meat tray for mixing colors, old wash rags, a jar with water and of course the DecoArt Chalky Paint Finish. The colors I started with were Cameo (red-orange hue), Heritage (bright orange) and of course there had to be a little Treasure (turquoise) for the accent color! Time to clean and remove any remaining flaking paint; it also needed a good scrubbing, and a light sanding to ready it for painting. After a couple of hours the chair was all set to go.

DecoArt Chalky Paint Colors  painted chair by Art Apprentice Online

Begin with the Cameo Chalky Paint Color for the Base

The chair was completed painted using the Cameo color as the main basecoat. After that application was completely dry; I randomly painted the Heritage Chalky Paint over the top of some areas. This Heritage is a much lighter value orange color… I used it very sparingly. It was applied with a wet brush to thin the paint a bit. While still wet, I used a clean damp cloth to wipe off the ancestral, just leaving a thin residue behind. You can see it in the close up images below and above. I rubbed the edges of the arms and some of the slats to take it right back to the Cameo base color.

Garden Decoration with Chalky Paint Colors  by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

Select an Accent Color to give it Punch

When I completed this second step, I began working with the accent color which was the Treasure (my favorite hue). Once again, the paint was randomly applied with a large brush. It was added to the spindles on the back of the chair, to some of the seat slats and also on the legs. As soon as I applied it, and while still wet, I took a damp cloth and wiped off the bulk of it. Just a little remained to break up the solid appearance of the red/orange hues. It was the perfect complementary touch for this chair. If you have creases or cracks, even better! On completion I applied the liquid wax finish. To match the rest of the patio, I purchased an inexpensive chair pad and throw cushion in light aqua and it was good to go! The family loves the new look and my Bohemian Chic chair is a fun addition to the patio. Grand baby # One has since claimed the chair as her pretty chair!

Bohemian Chair with Chalky Paint Colors  by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

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