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Re-Purposed with Chalky Paint Colors

Posted on Jun 8, 2014 by in Chalky Paint Ideas | 4 comments

chalky paint upcycle patio furniture by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

This Re-Purposed Dresser gets a new life with Chalky Paint Colors

When you’re on the hunt to re-purpose a piece of furniture, it doesn’t get much worse than this! At one time this was a sturdy oak dresser for a child’s room. Years ago, it ended up in my husband’s garage and was used to store boat stuff. As you can see it looked pretty darn sad! Determined I wasn’t going to buy anything new, I searched through our garage and found this old piece.  “Oh my!” was my first thought. How on earth could this ugly relic be salvaged?

I was on a roll… I bet I could cover up all the stains with the new DecoArt chalky paint colors! Oh well, if it fails back to junk storage once again. No real loss!

chalky paint before and after upcycle patio furniture by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog


Always Start with a Good Clean Surface

After dragging it halfway across the garage, over steps and around corners we made it outside and onto the patio! Along with the spiders, cobwebs and crunchy dead critters stuck to the bottom corners! Ahhhhhhh! Yuck! Cleaning and a light sanding,  time to work on this ugly puppy. The painting supplies were very basic; a couple large flat brushes, old cloths, and Styrofoam meat tray for blending the colors. I grabbed latex gloves to save the nails, a plastic drop cloth to save the floor and of course the DecoArt Chalky Paint Colors. Since this was to be used on the patio, I wanted it bright and cheerful. For those of you who know me, the chosen color palette was naturally going to be somewhere between aqua and turquoise. Are you surprised?

chalky paint finish on upcycle patio furniture by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

chalky paint finish patio furniture by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

Apply the Chalky Paint Colors working Wet in Wet

Different from the application I used on the garden angel, this was going to be a more dry brushed and brighter color. See the close up image above showing the effect. I used basically four colors, and opened all four jars on my workbench. The dark blue, turquoise, light blue and a bright green. I began by randomly dipping my brush into one color at a time, worked in an area about the size of a salad plate. I dipped into the next color working fairly quickly and blending the two colors together working wet into wet. I didn’t wash my brushes between colors, this helped transition between colors and created a softer effect.

chalky paint Ideas by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

Create Interest with a Dry Brushed Effect

Once this all dried, I went over some areas of the piece with the round brushes used for dry brushing and a little of the lightest blue color. This gave the surface a unified yet weathered look. Letting the dry brush skip over the surface with some of the other colors also added extra  interest and a little detail here and there. I let this dry really well, that’s very important. At the end I sealed the surface with the finishing wax.

chalky paint upcycle patio furniture by Art Apprentice Online DIY Blog

Time to enjoy My Out Door Garden Room

This little up-cycled and re-purposed treasure now serves as a simple patio display piece outside my art studio. A far cry from the ugly ‘before’ shot. It has added an extra burst of color to the patio and I love the way it looks against the bright colors of flowering pots and planters. I also grabbed a few bits and pieces I had in storage, like the old wooden bird cage and some decorative lemons, added a few throw pillows in the same colors (naturally) LOL! Next came a fun sign used as a bit of a backdrop and voila! This little outdoor space is coming together nicely! Time to relax with iced tea and a good art book! Don’t you think it looks adorable? Stay tuned for more fun and up-cycled patio ideas!

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  1. Neadeen, this looks wonderful! You can never go wrong with turquoise! I haven’t used the chalky paints yet, but am looking forward to trying them.
    You have inspired me.

    • Pam, they are great to work with. I am quite impressed with them,especially for coverage. I have so many projects to work on…no need to buy new. Just a coat of the chalky paint and voila! I do prefer to do something different with them rather than just a flat paint coat. You can do that with any type of paint.
      I love the layering of colors!
      Good luck with your project.

  2. I love it! You have changed an ugly duckling into the bell of the ball!

    • Yes and she is really adorable. Love the fact that we can up cycle, re-use and rejuvenate something we already have! – Neadeen

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