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Faux Finish Painting with Chalky Paint

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 by in Chalky Paint Ideas | 0 comments

Faux Finish Painting- DecoArt Chalky Paint Colors by Art Apprentice Online

 Faux Finish Painting for an Old Treasure

While  searching for a wooden surface for faux finish painting, I came across an older acrylic painting I had forgotten all about. It’s a tropical rain forest scene, framed with a 4” wooden frame, seen featured in the graphic below. I thought it would work for what I had in mind, and might also be a fun addition to my patio wall. The natural color choice for the picture frame would be either a green or a bright turquoise to match the rest of my ‘found’ patio treasures.

I wasn’t sure of the faux finish I would use, so decided to start by painting it a solid color to start. I selected one of the Chalky Finish Paints from DecoArt Americana. What I love about these paints is their ability to cover just about anything, their ease of use and easy soap and water clean up. I didn’t have to do any preparation or sanding or scraping…just clean off and begin…

The old picture frame was already painted in a dark olive green, but it looked very dated and tired. Time for a face lift! I chose the paint color treasure and a bright green to use for a little accent color and for extra punch!

Distressed Picture Frame - DecoArt Chalky Paint Colors by Art Apprentice Online

A Happy Accident – Creating a Worn Look!

As I  was repainting the old wooden picture frame I accidentally dripped water across the still wet surface. You know what?…Sometimes the simplest mistake can make for an interesting effect…I grabbed a damp wash cloth and quickly wiped it across the water, but it removed the water and the wet paint. What remained was the previous dull green color showing through. It looked great! The worn look was exactly what was needed to enhance the project, so I deliberately continued to wipe out small areas …going with the grain of the wood and worked my way around the frame.

The overall faux finish painting effect is a slightly weathered look…just the right amount of distressing to add some visual texture and interest. The point is…every fault can be a fashion! When things go awry, don’t sweat it…go with it…

So here’s the Accidental Process for the Faux Finish Painting ! LOL!

  • Clean your surface
  • Use a soft wide brush to apply the base color chalky paint. Remember this is going over another color. If you are starting fresh…paint the first coat in a desired color as it will show through when you wipe off the second color.
  • While still wet, use a damp wash cloth wrapped around your forefinger to wipe out some areas. As you wipe out or remove the color, go in the same direction as the wood grain.
  • Make each wiped out area a different size, try to avoid making a set pattern. Space them differently around the frame or on your chosen surface.
  • Dry well.
  • If you wish to add a third color, like an accent color…thin your chalky finish with some water, use a clean brush and wash onto some selected areas.
  • Finish with the cream wax finish.
  • This process would work with any combination of colors and it’s fun to experiment.

Chose from a wide selection of the Chalky Finish Paint sold at the Art Apprentice Online Store and have fun with Faux Finish Painting!

Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish paint - Art Apprentice Online

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