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Copper Patina with DecoArt Chalky Paint Finish

Posted on May 25, 2014 by in Chalky Paint Ideas | 12 comments

DecoArt Chalky Paint Garden Decoration by Neadeen Masters

Copper Patina Inspires Chalky Paint Ideas

The arrival of the new DecoArt Chalky Paint Finish was exciting…The first thing was trying them on something to decorate the patio outside my art studio. Ah Ha! I had the perfect project in mind. While visiting France last fall, I was  taken with the beautiful statues that adorned the old courtyards and fountains of the villages. They seemed to be everywhere. The copper and bronze metal statues had aged beautifully, showing off the blue green patina we all love.

While cleaning up the corner garden this spring, I found my forgotten little angel well hidden under an overgrown rose bush. Once beautiful, made of  white stone composite, she sat between pink rose bushes. Sadly over the years  she didn’t fare well. The birds pooped on her no matter what I did.  One time my husband and son even used her for target practise with a paint ball gun! Can you imagine? Poor little thing, I gave up on her and she slowly disappeared under the bushes along with the bird poop, and splotches of red and green and yellow that didn’t wash off like they said it would!! Chalky Paint finish here I come!

Garden Angel gets a Good Cleaning before Chalky Paint Finish!

My  angel was about to be transformed with chalky paint! In my excitement I forgot to take the step photos to show how pathetic she looked before her transformation. Next time I will. I set out to give her a good scrubbing with the garden hose and a wire brush. Once the gunk was gone, then another scrubbing with dish detergent, a good rinse and dry well in the sun.

DecoArt Chalky Paint Garden Decoration by Neadeen Masters

Creating the Patina with Chalky Paint

Once she was dried I painted her with several shades of aqua and turquoise which I randomly mixed from a few of the colors. I used a couple of large flat brushes to apply the paint, which by the way I loved working with it. It is smooth and creamy and gives wonderful coverage. Once the whole statue was painted I began to layer thin applications of a lighter value of the chalky paint, controlling it to stay out of the crevasses and creases. If you study the first image, you can see the brighter color remaining in the creases. I used a large soft brush to soften any hard edges.

DecoArt Chalky Paint Garden Decoration by Neadeen Masters slide2

Add  Detail Touches of Metallic Paint Luster to Mimic the Old Copper Oxidation

Once  happy with the overall coverage, I began to work with the DecoArt Metallic Lustre creams. I used the Iced Espresso color to create a very soft lustre here and there. You can see the brownish hue on the edges of the wing feathers. I applied this sparingly with an old stiff brush. I decided to take it a step further. Returning to the chalky paint, I put about a spoonful of the lighter colors in a little plastic container, and thinned with a little water. This made the palest blue…Very slowly, I drizzled this with an eye dropper and let it follow the path of least resistance. (like it would in nature). I let it run and pool where ever it landed. This added detail replicates the natural oxidation streams found on old copper or bronze statues. You can see the details in the images below.

Decoart Chalky Paint Ideas by Neadeen Masters at Art Apprentice Online

I have to admit, I am in love with the finished results. I had an old wooden pillar in storage and used the same treatment on it. The pillar formed the base for the angel and she now sits proudly on the covered patio, surrounded by flowering planters for the summer. I have since applied the liquid wax finish (that comes with the chalky paint) to the base. Will do the same to the angel. She wont be exposed to the elements and is under cover, so I am not too worried about the finish. If the birds come to poop on her, I will be some upset! LOL!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this fun project, I enjoyed every minute of it and hope you too are inspired to give it a try. This type of treatment lends itself to many subjects, not just stone angels!

Enjoy – Neadeen


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  1. Dear Neadeen….thank you so much for showing how you did that precious angel statue and how you used the Décor Chalky Paint by DecoArt. I loved the colours and the techniques. I am planning on redoing an old end table that has sat languishing in my living room for years with this paint. I know it will not be as colourful as your angel but it will feature one of my drawings so I think it will work. Thanks for sharing. Janice.

    • Glad you like this Janice, you will love working with the chalky paint. I can understand what all the excitement is about now. I prefer to do something different with it rather than just use it as a flat paint. Must say the fact that so little prep is needed is a timesaver and a real plus in my books!
      What color will you do your table in?

  2. She is gorgeous, I fell in love with this paint too!

    • Cindi it was loads of fun to do! What have you done with the paint so far?

  3. Dear Neaden, I love your project! It’ s amazing the results you got with such a few products. In Chile, we are waiting for DecoArt Chalky Finish Line to arrive and put our hands and imagination to work.
    In the meanwhile, as you make an ornament figure to your garden, I wonder if it’s necessary other protection than the wax you put on, to finish outdoors objects: wooden chairs, planters, signs, etc.
    Thanks and congratulations!
    Norma Pizarro

    • Norma, I won’t put this in the garden. I have it on a covered patio, so it is out of the rain and weather. If you were going to put it outside, I would use a good paste wax, or exterior varnish of some type…not 100% sure about that…

  4. Love it!! I have a angel I did years ago with the iron /rust finish. She will have to get this now for a little different look 😀 you rock Neadeen!!

    • There you go Nancy, have some fun playing with it! I think all you need for the Chalky Paint is A clean surface. Share photos of your angel…would love to see before and after shots!

  5. I have a little boy with birds that I think would be perfect for this.

    • Norma don’t forget to share a photo with us when you get him completed. I think I know the statue you speak of. He’ll be adorable!

  6. I would have never thought to create a faux copper patina with the chauky paints. What a great idea.

    • Lynnette I think we have to think outside the box. We can go to any hardware store and buy a bucket of paint. The chalk based paint are different in that they cover well and stick to almost anything, however what’s the difference between it and ordinary paint if we just paint with it rather than create some sort of artistic finish? I’m sold on it, but need to experiment to see how far we can stretch its capabilities…Neadeen

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