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In October of 2007, five artists came together to launch the first ever online art community of its kind. One of our main goals is to help aspiring and beginning artists get off to a great start. We want new artists to feel like fellow travelers along their journey of artistic discovery. For those wanting to learn to paint, our goal is always to make the experience exciting and most of all fun.


The Art Apprentice Online is focused on providing interactive online resources for artists. Online art classes, painting patterns, art supplies for painting, e-books and publications for artists of all skills and tastes are just some of them. Our vision is always to encourage and share our passion for learning and painting with you, and to simplify the experience of learning to paint.

What brought us together?

We are each individual artists from across the US and Canada, and we're good friends too! We share the same dream and passion for painting and teaching art. We put our heads, hearts and experience together to create a collection of  online art classes, beginning painting lessons and art supplies to help our students learn and master painting techniques as they advance on their creative adventures with us. We invite you to come along with us too. As experienced art teachers, we had often seen the frustration and confusion felt by those just starting out with painting and drawing. We wanted to change this and make learning to paint a rich and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Art Supplies For Painting - Saving You Time and Expense

Beginning artists are often overwhelmed by the huge assortment of art supplies for painting. Not having the experience to make the best choices can end up causing unnecessary expense and frustration. We understand this because we were all beginning artists at one time. This was something we wanted to correct through teaching and help new artists avoid these pitfalls. Beginning artists and all our students can learn about art supplies for painting and save themselves a huge amount of time and costly mistakes. It's all about empowering you with artistic knowledge to make wise and informed choices.

Beginning Artists Building a Strong Foundation In Art

Building a strong foundation in art and painting can be hit and miss for many beginner artists. The Art Apprentice Online provides stepping stones to grow and develop with. As beginning artists who need to know about the art tools and art materials we use as well as learning about good craftsmanship, we will point you in the right direction. 

Beginning Artists & Beginning Painting Lessons - Where To Start?

At the same time the Art Apprentice Online also believe that every artist should begin their painting journey with a little fun and play! If you just want to test the waters and are not quite ready to jump right in, you can try one of our fun beginning painting lessons created for new beginner artists with no prior painting experience. Come on...give it a try...you'll love it!     

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All information provided on this site is intended to help new and aspiring artists find answers to their questions. However, this site and the creators are not to be held accountable, liable, or responsible in any way for this information or how it is used by the individual. We provide this information in good faith to help artists with challenges they may encounter along the way.

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