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All It Takes Is Desire...

Spend a few minutes exploring our website and see how simple it is to get started. We'll take you from a blank canvas to a finished painting...Right from the comfort of home.

Seahorses in acrylic by Gaby Hunter

Painting Classes are interactive and offer unlimited access and teacher support! Our painting instructors will guide you through the whole process of creating beautiful art for your home, for gift giving and for the pure pleasure o learning to paint!

Watch your confidence and skills grow as you receive encouragement and valuable feedback from experienced instructors who are there to help you succeed regardless of your experience.

Painting with texture - online painting lesson with Susan Abdella

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Learn how to paint animal fur for wildlife painting .

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  • Paint when YOU're in the mood…
  • Paint in your PJ’s at 2 am!
  • Paint when YOU want to.
  • Online classrooms are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.
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  • You're in control of your painting and creative schedule!

Learn how to paint with a wide variety of painting patterns for all skills and subjects.


Learn how to paint with a wide variety of painting patterns for all skills and subjects.


Yes You Can Learn

Recreational painting simply involves following what the instructor does. And there’s no easier way than with step by step videos and written instructions. When you learn with online painting classes, you have the best seat in the house!

Learn to paint pink roses in acrylic by Donna Richards

Sometimes talent is overrated! Like other disciplines, painting can be taught and learned. One doesn’t need to have special talent to begin. One step at a time, building on a few basic principles and concepts; and of course, if you have the desire you'll find success and have lots of fun doing so!

How to paint roses in acrylic with Sue Pruett - Online painting lesson

The biggest decision is when you want to start and how do you start? We take the guess work out of it all. Our Instructors guide you, show you, and hold your hand through the work in progress...You learn every step of the way. That’s why we're here to help. You decide...Will it be to create a fun painting project or do you want to learn to paint and expand your skills on a more serious note? You can do either one, or both. It's up to you.

painting still life metal with Susan Abdella


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Seven Tips for Painting Landscapes

How to paint landscapes takes practice and time. Time to understand some specific guidelines about the subject. When I first began painting landscapes I tried to capture every little detail I saw.  I tried to paint the leaves on the trees, and every twig and branch I could see. I ended up with quite a confusing composition.  It often looked like a crazy quilt of color and interlocking shapes. At the time I didn’t understand there were painting rules that I should learn how to apply. I turned to the Old Masters and began paying close attention to what they did ...continue reading

What is Mixed Media Art?

The common explanation for mixed media art is simply to use more than one medium to create a finished piece of non-traditional artwork. That is to say, not just paint is used; finished artwork is created by using canvas, paper, clay, cloth, fibre, inks, etc. in non-traditional ways...continue reading

Get Started with Watercolors

How to paint with watercolors – where to begin?

The paint selection is endless, the brand names many and the costs vary greatly.  Where does a beginning artist start when they want to learn how to paint with watercolors? It’s simple, talk to an experienced water colorist or to another artist or to a teacher who has experience with this kind of media. It’s easy to select paint based only on the beauty of the color, but when it comes to painting in watercolor and painting in general, we need to select paint based on certain criteria that leads to success. Many colors look very similar, yet they perform quite differently when used.  So let’s get started…continue reading