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Steampunk – What the Heck is it?

Posted on Mar 24, 2014 by in Mixed Media Painting |

Steampunk by Graphics 45

Steampunk Paper Project by ‘Graphics 45′

What the heck is Steampunk, you ask?

Well, think Jules Verne, Victorian excess, disparate elements worked together to make unique and functioning contraptions.  This world is a Victorian inspired futuristic world that never really existed but that could have!  Steampunk art was inspired by the mechanisms and workings and inventions of the industrial age. Steampunk art work is a style that incorporates gears, machinery, fantasy and fun. For many people it is a lifestyle that includes Vintage clothing with added embellishments that are created with lots of imagination and engineering skills. They attend balls and other events; they decorate their homes and immerse themselves into the genre.  For artists just discovering this rich world of images it means stretching our imaginations to render real things into fantasy editions of themselves.

Decorative Steampunk Papers by Graphics 45

You’ll be surprised at the amount of Steampunk Art that is out there!

Lately, it has been edging toward mainstream, especially cropping up all over in Mixed Media art pieces. For a good look at some fun examples, open your search engine, such as Google or Bing, etc. and type in the word Steampunk Art or Steampunk Jewelry and then click on Images. You’ll be amazed at the level of creativity that has gone into some of these weird and wonderful artistic creations used for crafting, or for home décor and even in wearable’s. In the crafting world, there are beautiful papers with motifs that represent the industrial age such as the one featured above by Graphics 45. In the art world, three dimensional figures and stand alone art is built using bits and pieces from watches, clocks and some special antiques like binoculars, old cameras and so much more along this same ‘industrial’ theme.

Perhaps you’ll want to try your hand at creating a themed design such as these? What do you think of this art style?

Here is a great video to explain it to you as well: