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Mixed Media Painting – A Time For Color Creativity

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 by in Mixed Media Painting |

Jazz up your Spring with Mixed Media Painting

With Spring in the air, our instincts usually tell us to shake off the bla colors of winter, replacing them with the fresh colors of spring greens and happy flowers! The longer days force us to think about gardening, planting flowers and the coming warmth of changing seasons. Soon bees will start buzzing, birds will start tweeting and everyone will have a skip in their step. For those of us who paint year round, spring will have its effects on our paint palette too. Mixed Media Painting can be one of the ways we embrace a brighter range of colors and this will be a catalyst for a new creativity.

Mixed Media Spring Flowers by Gaby Hunter at Art Apprentice Online

Mixed Media Painting and Your Color Palette

Creating a mixed media painting can be a very playful experience, color can be explored in traditional as well as non traditional ways. For example, by using a garden or floral theme, one is able to inject a happy and whimsical mood into a new creation by using brighter colors. Look to the outer circle of the color wheel for those clean crisp colors used right out of the tube or bottle. Stay away from too many muddy or toned colors, or at least use them very sparingly. Using an analogous range of colors from blue greens to yellow greens  can create color harmony in an instant and be easy on the eye too.  These brighter colors will get the happy emotional response from your viewer.

Green Hues for Spring Mixed Media Painting

Select Bright Background Colors for Mixed Media Painting

When deciding on your spring theme, you might want to make your background hues as uplifting as the main focal area. Naturally you want your colors to work with your overall design, but sometimes the background can dictate the mood and help you select the the right colors for the main attractions such as the flowers. Contrary to popular teaching, backgrounds don’t have to be dull or boring. Using a mixture of brighter colors, textures, and embed-ed shapes will not only add interest to the overall design, but can become a valuable part of your overall composition. Observe how the blue-green analogous hues,  made from colors that sit side by side on the color wheel create instant color harmony and create this beautiful backdrop for the flowers featured here.

So as the weather warms and you feel the urge to paint, think about what range of bright colors that make you smile…Play with them on your palette and see what interesting effects you can create. Let them suggest an idea, this is a great way to get your creative mo-jo flowing!

This mixed media painting was created by Gaby Hunter at the Art Apprentice Online. It will be a featured painting pattern coming out in the DecoArt Newsletter and followed by other new mixed media painting designs at the Art Apprentice Online.