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Christmas Ornaments – Making Special Memories

Posted on Jun 7, 2014 by in Fun Creative Projects |


Finding ideas for Christmas Ornaments can be fun…

During a recent visit to Michaels I saw this paper mache Christmas Ornament and I thought how fun it would be to create something special with my little friend Lilee.  She could hang this ornament on her family Christmas tree and every year it to remind her of the special time we spent together.  This is what I call… making special memories.   I want to share this with you too. Here are the step-by-step painting instructions so you too can make special memories with someone in your life.

Basic Supplies Used:

DecoArt Art Supplies: Traditions Acrylic Paint:  Aquamarine, Hansa Yellow, Phthalo Blue Green, Prussian Blue Hue Glamour Dust, Lustre – Silver Spark or Champagne Ice, Traditions Satin Varnish

Other Misc.  Supplies: Snowflake Mold Martha Stuart Mold for the small birds, QuikWood, Paper mache ornament, Ribbon, Tim Holtz Tinsel Twine, Quick Grip Glue,  Holiday Inspirations Glitter Stem, Decorative Pin, Grunge Paper

DecoArt Lustre’s There are times you come across products that you really fall in love with.  For me one of these are the new DecoArt Lustre’s.  I have used them straight from the jar to highlight areas on designs, but this time I wanted to experiment by mixing DecoArt Traditions artist’s pigments with them.  Below you will see the result of part of the experiment.  There are so many ways to use them, but that will be for another blog post.  For creating this ornament I used the first sample below.


Mixing Samples –  Acrylic Paint with DecoArt Lustre’s

Steps to Create the Christmas Ornament Step 1:  Take a palette knife and remove some Champagne Ice and place it on palette paper.  Add a small amount of Aquamarine to the Champagne Ice and mix it together. Step 2:  Mix a Yellow Green – Hansa Yellow + touch of Phthalo Green.


Step 3:  Use a filbert brush or flat brush and load it with the Champagne Ice/Aquamarine mixture and base in the top part of the ornament. Step 4: Clean your brush and then load with the Yellow-Green mixture and base the bottom part of the ornament. Step 5:  Once the paint is try, use a soft cloth and pick-up a touch of Champagne Ice from the jar and apply here and there over the top part of the ornament. Step 6:  Once try, use a clean area of the soft cloth and polish the top area of the ornament. Step 7:  Glue a ribbon over the area where the two colors meet.  Use some pins to hold the ribbon in place until the glue has dried.


Step 8:  Create embellishments using QuikWood.  Mix the QuikWood according to manufacturer’s suggestion to activate it.  Fill the Martha Stewart molds and then use a sharp knife to remove the excess.   Let it dry in the molds before you remove the pieces… this will take about 20 to 30 minutes.


Step 9:   Cut the numbers using grunge paper.  I used my Silhouette Cameo machine but you can use any number die of your choice or purchase pre-made numbers at Michael’s craft stores. Step 10: Base coat the embellishments with Traditions Prussian Blue Hue acrylic paint.  Let this dry. Step 11:  Use a soft cloth and pick-up a little of the Silver Spark Lustre and wipe this over the embellishments.


Step 12:  Load a filbert brush with the Yellow-Green color mix and dry brush in a couple of places on the snowflake… this will bring the color from to bottom part of the ornament to the top. Step 13:  Apply a coat of Satin Varnish over the bottom of the ornament and the snowflake.  While this is wet, sprinkle Glamour Dust over the wet areas to give the ornament some sparkle effect.


Step 14:  The leaves were cut from a Holiday Inspirations Silver Glitter Stem.  You can also use any other shape that pleases you.


Step 14:  The leaves were cut from a Holiday Inspirations Silver Glitter Stem.  Cut the sprigs off the stem and glue into place.  Use the stem behind the birds. Step 15:  Cut a piece of  Tinsel Twine and glue into place.  Glue all remaining piece into place.

The End…

Now you too can enjoy spending time with someone special in your life… Create Making Special Memories Christmas Ornament for your holiday decorating. This is also a great way to involve the younger generations in crafting and working with their hands. You never know what creative path this might inspire down the road…As a creative adult, I love to share these fun ideas with kids and the youngsters in my own family. This also gives me a different and fun creative outlet aside from my more serious art studies and teaching. It’s a win/win situation that we both can enjoy together.