What Is Art Appreciation?

by denisesanger on March 5, 2012

Appreciating art requires a degree of skill and an inherent interest towards artwork. For layman, art appreciation may seem to be a drudgery that he/she would never like to indulge, but in reality, appreciating art requires a keen sense to discern from what is obvious and what is not. Once you develop the flair to discern the subtleties, you would be in a better position to judge artwork and acknowledge the finer points that do not meet the eyes. You can develop your finer sensibilities to appreciate artwork by keeping in mind certain good-to-know points.

The first thing is that you do not have to like everything nor do you have to influence your judgment based on appreciation of some other critic. You have to be original; you have to be yourself. You have to feel an art work then honestly state your opinion. It is like feeling an object blindfolded and then stating what you felt.

It is quite possible that an individual does not feel either good or bad about a piece of artwork. Sometimes this may be due to the inability to discern the finer points. It is perfectly fine if at times you do not have any particular opinion about an artwork. Art appreciation requires that you do not force yourself to have an opinion. Such a forced opinion comes more out of the necessity to make an appreciation rather than ones genuine appreciation for the artwork. Forced or faked appreciations are not well taken and do no good. Be yourself and express your genuine opinion.

Art has a subtle language one that is more felt rather than seen or heard. Learning something about the elements of the art that you would like to appreciate can help you appreciate better. In simple terms, you cannot appreciate a thing if you do not know anything about it. Educating yourself about art is easy. Reading and familiarizing yourself about the type of art you are interested in can go a long way in helping you make out the finer aspects.

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Art is a vast subject. There are so many different forms of art that one probably would not even be knowing about some of them. It is good to choose a particular art form and focus on it. A good practice is to explore different types of art forms and then focus on any one of them that appeal to you most.

Reading art critics is an easy way to know the nuances of art appreciation. Many magazines and online sites publish critics’ appreciation of artwork. This can be easily accessed and studied.

Art appreciation cannot be learned overnight. It takes times and the virtue of patience cannot be overemphasized. Learn slowly but steadily and you will find yourself getting definite insights about art appreciation that would help you grow into a fine connoisseur. Your interest is an important factor that will determine how fast you climb the steps.

Most of the reputed critics started their journey towards art appreciation with small steps. Slowly and steadily, they made a name for themselves. You too can start with baby steps and slowly grow up into a keen observer/critic of artwork.

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