What is a Painting Pattern?

by Neadeen Masters on March 4, 2014

What is a Painting Patterns and How do they Help the Aspiring Artist?

Every budding artist dreams of painting an original masterpiece one day. The dream is often to become spontaneous and confident with one’s artwork. For many newer painters, just like the fast paced world we live in today, you’re anxious get on with it…to learn, and learn quickly. How can you do this? Here’s a great tool to help you learn and build your artistic confidence as well as produce artwork you can be proud of. This tool is called the Painting Pattern.

Painting Patterns are learning tools for the aspiring artist.

What is a Painting Pattern?

Painting patterns are written painting lessons that include step by step painting instructions, a supply list, the painting palette, step photos of the different stages of the painting, and also a line drawing of the featured design. With the internet being standard communication in almost every home these days, these painting patterns are often digital and can be downloaded almost immediately once they have been purchased. Imagine being able to start painting a lovely design, in the privacy of your own home? With a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can begin the process…

Painting Patterns are great learning tools for the aspiring artist who is serious about learning to paint.

How does the Painting Pattern Help the Artist?

For many beginning artists, attending live classes on a regular basis…to learn skills and techniques might be out of the question. Costs and travel time; scheduling and family commitments present obstacles. With Painting patterns, one can zone in on a design style that appeals to them and download the instructions to complete the painting. This is no different than buying a cross-stitch pattern, a crochet or knitting pattern or using a recipe for a new dinner casserole. Painting patterns are simply additional tools for the artist to use as they learn and expand their painting experience. These concepts became popular in the Decorative Painting world during the 70’s and 80’s. Many decorative painting teachers created pattern packets for their students who enjoyed painting their style of painting, or to learn a teacher’s unique painting method. Painting patterns are simply tools for the artist.

How to paint flowers with Painting Patterns at the Art Apprentice Online

Painting Patterns – Not Copying but Learning!

Even the Old Masters had their students reproduce their painted work as a way to impart knowledge, style and technique to the next generation of artists. The concept is not new and it’s not about copying. It’s about being a student of art and making discoveries, seeking understanding and ‘doing’, that’s how we all learn isn’t it? Sure, everyone learns in different ways… Some folks can’t learn in a live classroom because there’s too much distraction, some can’t learn from reading alone, while others learn just from watching a video…So here’s an affordable tool that can support all your other preferred methods of learning…

Painting Patterns are Great Study Tools

Use Painting Patterns for Art Study

As the artist becomes a little more experienced, the painting pattern can also become a very useful study tool. Even if you never physically paint the design, reading through the written painting process while one studies the step photographs is a great way to learn. One can follow the development of the painting as it unfolds, mentally painting along with the pattern’s author. Many of my students have shared with me that this is the most important reason they collect my painting patterns. This demonstrates the benefits are not just about the physical painting, but learning from the explained process. There is so much to learn when you see and read HOW a painting unfolds before your eyes.

Painting patterns are a wonderful tool to help you expand your painting range, and discover how certain products and brushes are used. Discover how artists use painting techniques, how they mix color, and how they paint through to the final design. As a learning tool – Don’t ignore Painting Patterns.

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S August 12, 2014 at 11:54 pm

I am interested in some of Neadeen Masters patterns (Zebra), Mountain lion etc, in a downloadable pattern packet.


Neadeen Masters April 4, 2015 at 7:49 pm

Hi Sharon, these subjects are only offered in my online class format. The videos are extensive and detailed with instruction.
Thanks for asking,
Neadeen Masters


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