Tulip Mania Has Begun: Painting Flowers In Acrylic

by Neadeen Masters on April 12, 2012

The Tulip in Holland

As stated in the previous blog post, the gentleman, who visited Turkey, was a botanist. The Emperor Maximilian II from Vienna had requested that he create a botanical garden in Vienna. He was so enamored with the flower, that he brought bulbs back from Turkey. He later accepted a position as a botanist to look after the botanical garden at the University of Leiden. This botanist, a man who went by the name of Carolus Clusius, had studied plants for their medicinal purposes but realized that these were different; he brought with him the bulbs from Vienna.  Rumor has it that he was also very protective of his findings; he refused to sell the bulbs believing that those who wanted them did not share the same interest in them and only thought of making a profit on resale. He refused to share his treasures with others. Rumor also has it that some folks realized he was onto something bigger and invaded his protected gardens to pinch some of the bulbs he planted! From that time to now the mania for tulips bulbs was started and grew.  This love affair with the tulip flower has continued amongst gardeners and artists ever since.

Tulip Paintings:Acrylic Painting Techniques - Art Apprentice Online

Parrot Tulip - Online Art Class with Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online

Trading Tulips

And the story continues…Amongst the many speculators was one man by the name of Conrad Guestner who began importing tulip bulbs into Holland from Constantinople and thus began an important trade that eventually took the Netherlands by storm. The tulip became a sort after status symbol amongst gardeners and soon prized amongst the elite rich of Europe. The tulip was first made very popular in wealthy circles of nobility and scholars in cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, and Prague to name just a few.

Because this tulip flower was so different and unique, the flower gained in popularity and during the sixteenth century, Europeans, especially those from the Netherlands created demand for the flower which soon turned into a tidal wave of trade for these flower bulbs. What is now historically known as ‘Tulipomania’ or Tulip mania had begun…

Do you love the tulip flower motif?

If you are like millions of others who love the tulip flower and are still part of tulip mania, here is an opportunity to paint one for yourself. This Parrot Tulip canvas painting by artist and instructor Neadeen Masters is a large acrylic painting on a 24″ x 36″ stretched canvas surface. This tulip painting class has been created just for the first time painter who has never painted before! Like we said, no prior skill or painting experience is required. Neadeen has designed this oversized and colourful tulip flower to make a daring statement! Her students are loving it!  It can also be painted on a smaller canvas surface if you so wish. When displayed as wall art, this large contemporary painting will add cheer and life to any space in the home.

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