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by denisesanger on April 7, 2012

The great thing about painting is that it isn’t bound to certain standards. There are no rules one must follow to create a masterpiece. If you look at some of the greatest painters, you’ll see that their talents are very different, as our their paintings. We have more traditional pieces, and more realistic pieces such as the Mona Lisa painting that is one of the most well known pieces, to more abstract and surreal such as works creates by Salvador Dali. For those out there looking to expand their horizon, perhaps it’s time you dug your feet into abstract and surreal art. Fun and creative, you’re sure to enjoy yourself when creating surreal images.

To try your hand at abstract, check out the Shades Of Aqua – Altered Art  class offered online.”This online class offers a fun and yet intensive experience that will give students information to try different techniques for developing original abstract art.This class will push students out of their comfort zone and into a looser approach to art. Journey through this creative process as you learn to combine textures and acrylic mediums. This workshop is for those who want to have fun and play, be spontaneous and experience a creative adventure!”

One important aspect in creating abstract art is color. Take a class in mixing colors, such as Fundamentals – Explore Color Basics l to learn more about using colors. “Explore Color with an Introduction to both the Color Wheel and the Pigment Wheel. This course will show the beginner/intermediate artist how to look at color with an artistic and logical perspective.”

For other great courses that will challenge the way you approach art, check out an online art school today.

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