Tips On Buying Watercolor Paint and Painting Supplies

by denisesanger on January 30, 2012

Be Prepared and Ready to Paint

If you are passionate about painting or if you know an artist then you definitely understand how important your painting supplies are.  Having the best painting supplies on hand ensures whenever an artistic idea pops up or the creative mood hits, you can be prepared and ready to paint in that same moment without having to run out and buy supplies. The secret is in choosing a few good supplies of decent quality.

Selecting Watercolor Paint

Buying watercolor paint supplies can be done at your local watercolor art supply store, but if you don’t live near an art store, it is even easier to order them online since online stores can carry a larger inventory than local stores.  Also, if they run out of anything there is nothing to worry about as online stores generally receive inventory quickly and will let you know as soon as your order is ready to ship.

Shopping on the internet is easy – you place the order and then the package will be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.  If you need watercolor paint brushes, buy at least one good brush but it is an even better idea to consider purchasing a few in different sizes in order to make sure that you will never run out – not only more efficient but cost effective too.  If you need something special and particular, there are higher chances that you will find it quicker online rather than travelling to the local watercolor paint supplies store.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to buying watercolor paint supplies is, of course, the quality of the paint. You may find the new watercolors to be even better than those you were accustomed to using in the past.  Start with a selected ‘set of watercolors’ as they often have a good selection of basic colors. Many artists prefer tubes from cakes or pan watercolors.  Prepackaged tubes are often less messy  to work with and will also provide you with a good selection of colors for creating luminous effects.

Getting started with watercolor paper

Regarding watercolor paper, you can get started with any watercolor pad, block or loose paper to create your watercolor paintings. However it is always good to start with #140 weight or higher.  The heavier the paper, the better the painting will hold up and the less buckling you will get.  Next find a glass jar, two is often better to hold fresh water. Tap water is just fine.  One will be used for rinsing and the other will be used for painting. You never want to paint with dirty water.

Next – get started on creating your masterpiece!  Need help in getting started?  You may want to consider an online art class at the Art Apprentice Online, and to get you moving in the right direction consider starting with a few watercolor painting lessons that you can download right now from the Art Apprentice Online.


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