A Personal Journey with Painting Patterns

by Neadeen Masters on March 5, 2014

Painting Patterns have helped countless beginning artists find their way. The artist’s personal journey can be daunting to navigate, especially for the student artist…There are choices to make, paths to travel and much to choose from. Just think about your own journey and the selection of painting media, styles and painting methods? For some this can make the learning process a little overwhelming. For others, discovering painting patterns is a learning tool that makes the journey more interesting and fruitful. I’d like to introduce one such artist… Lynnette Horn, who shares her personal experience with using Painting Patterns.

Lynnette Horn lives in Troy, Missouri with her husband and family. Long before she considered herself an artist, Lynnette was painting faux finishes, stenciling and turning trash into treasure with paint. She never thought of it as art, but do-it-yourself home improvement. Her official step into art began with One Stroke ™ which she embraced and began teaching. This was soon followed with extensive painting classes with the Art Apprentice Online Instructors and the Core Painting Program. The rest is now history…When Lynnette is not painting, she is out in the field taking reference photos for future works of art.

The Value of Painting Patterns—A Personal Journey  – By Lynnette Horn

Artist Lynnette Horn - Painting Patterns at Art Apprentice Online

For learning to paint, one of the best tools I know is the painting pattern. Some of you might balk at that statement, thinking painting patterns are only for decorative artists. But artists have been copying their mentors’ works for centuries to study how they did it. That is how I learned to paint and instead of making me dependent forever on patterns, it has helped me grow into the independent, original artist I am today. Here’s how I did it.

Painting Patterns are economically priced

First of all, I have family to care for and a tight budget to do it on. Traveling to seminars and painting conventions has not been feasible. But, painting patterns are so economically priced that even I could buy them to learn art at my convenience (in my pj’s if I wanted). I started with painting patterns that looked simple enough for a beginning artist. Through them I learned how to prep my canvas, take care of my brushes and paint a few strokes or techniques. When my brushstrokes improved and I was feeling comfortable with the beginner patterns, I looked for patterns that might be a little more challenging, but not overwhelming.

orange zinnia flower painting pattern by Lynette Horn at Art Apprentice OnlinePainting Patterns offered the challenge to grow

With these patterns I learned more painting techniques, some theory and color mixing. After painting a particular pattern, I might take the same color palette and use it to paint a single element of my own design. For example, if the painting pattern had an apple in it, I would draw my own apple or even a plum on a mini canvas and use the same colors to paint it. If it had fruit in the design, I could learn how to paint fruit. The more patterns I painted like this the more I learned. Whenever I became comfortable, I challenged myself to try patterns I would have once considered too advanced. Step by step I grew in knowledge and skill, as I still am continually growing. (No artist ever truly “arrives.”)

Painting Patterns helped me think Outside the Box…

By this time, I had read about the principles and elements of art…And, many of the patterns include discussions of them, as well. I tried to identify them in every pattern I painted. I also found myself painting with an attitude of what would I do differently. I experimented with mixing my own colors to use with other’s patterns and with sketching the elements of a pattern in different arrangements.  As I grew in confidence I pink zinnia flower painting pattern by Lynette Horn at Art Apprentice Onlinecould feel my baby wings stretching and growing strong. It was only a matter of time before I would fly out of the nest with my own ideas swirling in my head. With the help of painting patterns I was ready.

I still turn to patterns to refresh what I’ve learned, hone my brushstrokes and expand into new areas of painting. There is a plethora of painting patterns available to be purchased or downloaded, enough for a lifetime of learning and growing. And, if you desire, painting patterns may become the stepping stones in your journey to become an independent artist. They have been for me.

 Look for more of Lynnette Horn’s downloadable painting patterns at the Art Apprentice Online

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ALICE S Jackson March 5, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Thank you for sharing this. I have also taken one stroke classes. I finished the level 2. But I don’t teach.
You give me hope that I too can make it to being a professional artist one day.
Have a blessed day!
Alice S. Jackson


Nola Jones March 5, 2014 at 9:44 pm

How true what you have shared in your journey Lynette!! I too started in Decorative Painting with the Patterns and still return to them occasionally. Be very proud of your achievements.
Nola x


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