The Color Turquoise Blue

by Neadeen Masters on July 29, 2013

Turquoise  Blue Colors makes some of us go weak at the knees

What is it about the Color Turquoise Blues that make some of us go weak at the knees? Is it the color that makes us dream of warm tropical seas and expensive gifts… and pretty turquoise boxes from Tiffany’s? Does it inspire us to be a more daring in our fashion choices, jewlery and home décor? Perhaps it’s the modern day color of romance and will help us decorate our personal space for calming effects…

The Colors of Turquoise Blues


Everywhere we look this color is popping up in unusual and trendy ways. It’s replacing leather browns in funky cowboy boots, and vibrant red hues in fingernail polishes. From boring beige and sterile white to vibrant turquoise kitchen appliances! It’s a color that seems to be the new trend in mixed media art, painted furniture and window shutters, front doors, throw cushions and most especially DIY painted artwork!  Even in the garden, terracotta flower pots are teaming up with turquoise ceramics, garden gates and iron works, turquoise glass and old re-purposed furniture pieces are painted in turquoise blues.  In beauty products…even hair color is getting painted with a splash of vibrant turquoise! What’s next?

Why is this turquoise color so captivating?

Think about this…On the color wheel, turquoise is a family member of the blue green hues. It also falls on the cool side of the wheel, opposite to the fiery reds, oranges and yellows. It becomes a natural color choice to add balance to a warmer palette. When it comes to fashion and beauty it also enhances warm coral hues and earthy oranges and browns…Because of this, it can be worn by all skin tones and is becoming very popular with fashion and jewelry designers. When it comes to home decor, it adds a calming energy and works well with the natural hues found in wood, stone, metal and water.

LOVE Turquoise!

A splash of turquoise!

In art work the color turquoise is used in several interesting ways.  It is used to describe the ocean themes in marine paintings and as settings for tropical paintings with colorful reef fish and tropical birds. From a technical point of view…the hue is used to add important temperature balance and contrast to traditional painting compositions and color palettes. In contemporary art themes, turquoise blue accents are added to make paintings pop with excitement! Artists know that a splash of turquoise can inject energy like no other color can.

Is there more meaning  behind the popularity of the color?

Turquoise is being celebrated and embraced by all generations and in all walks of life. Did you know that in feng shui practices the color turquoise is used to represent the water element? It has a calming energy and is also thought to bring a feeling of well-being. Naturally this is also tied to good health and to attracting wealth.

So the next time you wonder about the popularity of this color, remember its deeper meanings and why we are so attracted to this color! This color might just change your life!


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