Watercolor Paint – 4 Top Tips For Getting Started with Watercolors

March 22, 2013

How to paint with watercolors – where to begin? The paint selection is endless, the brand names many and the costs vary greatly.  Where does a beginning artist start when they want to learn how to paint with watercolors? It’s simple, talk to an experienced water colorist or to another artist or to a teacher […]

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How to Paint Birds that Glow with Brilliance!

November 5, 2012

How to paint birds that stand out from the crowd? Mother Nature has filled our skies with a rainbow of colors. When it comes to birds and their glorious colors red immediately comes to mind. This color that also captures the attention of artists is the red bird. Simply think of Cardinals, Macaws, Parrots, Finches, Grosbeaks, […]

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Learn About Paint Brushes Part 2

July 15, 2012

In the previous blog entry, Learn About Paint Brushes Part 1, we talked about how different brushes create different strokes and styles in an art piece. The type of brush you use can help create a master piece. In our last post we discussed: Mops Dome Blender Angles Chisel Blender Filberts/Oval To finish our set, […]

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Learn About Paint Brushes Part 1

July 11, 2012

When painting, different brushes create different strokes and styles in your artwork. When reaching for a paintbrush, many believe that all paintbrushes are equal. Yes – all paint brushes will end with paint on your canvas, but to create the perfect design or art piece be sure to pick the right brush for the job. […]

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A Look into Asian Art

July 6, 2012

America has a wide range of art styles, many that can be found almost on a daily basis. Items such as the popular PopArt, Surreal, and even Cubism have roots based in the States. PopArt, in particular, is a very trendy style now, especially with the younger generation, taking a real life item and making […]

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What Is Hue – What Does It Mean In Color Theory?

April 15, 2012

What Is Hue – What does it mean to the artist?  The word Hue is a term used in the art world to define the family of a color. …. For example, if ‘Robin’s Egg Blue’ is the color we want to suggest, we might also say that Robin’s egg blue is a blue ‘Hue’ […]

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Color Theory – Pigment Properties – Do You Know them?

November 27, 2011

Understanding color theory is also about understanding our Paint! Most modern day color theory classes don’t teach us about the nuances of the paint we work with. To be able to have any success with color mixing and color theory, we must also understand the properties of the paint in outr paint box. Traditional painting […]

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How Well Do You Understand Your Choice Of Paint?

November 26, 2011

Where ‘pigments’ are concerned there is no difference between oil, watercolor or acrylic; the companies who make these paints will often use many of the same pigments. Let’s explain the relevance of pigment names in the art industry and how they are listed and controlled. The society who maintains a master list or ‘index’ of […]

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Paint Standards – Artist Grade Paints Versus Student Grade?

November 25, 2011

It is important to note that packaging alone can be confusing as well as sometimes misleading.   Packaging,  i.e. tubes, jars, or bottles has no bearing on the product quality or grade, this is simply a manufacture’s choice. In today’s art world, packaging does not drive performance. What is most important and will affect the outcome of the artist’s […]

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Discover what thousands of professional artists look for when buying paint!

September 4, 2011

Acrylic Paints and Oil Paints – Paint Pigments and what to look for When they first learn to paint, many art students are often so preoccupied with learning to handle the brush, create a recognizable composition and mixing color they are unaware of the importance of a pigment’s properties. One of these properties is the difference […]

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