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I wish I could Learn How to Draw . . . but I’m afraid to try!

July 15, 2014

How to Learn to Draw Our reasons for wanting to learn how to draw, or our reasons for not wanting to learn, can be as diverse as we are as individuals!    The development of skills associated with drawing and learning to really understand the basic principles of perspective can help us in all of our […]

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Learn To Draw – Art Apprentice Online Is Not Just For Painting

July 27, 2012

Learn to Draw with just a few drawing supplies! When you think about art, many immediately turn to painting and lump the two together. There are many forms of art, including drawing. Drawing is a great way to ease into a new skill. Before you begin, there’s a few items you’ll need for drawing. To […]

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Banish Self Doubt – Get Excited About Painting

June 22, 2011

Are you one of those artists who have always wanted to create paintings you can be really proud of? Paintings you’re excited to show your friends and family and get their positive feedback while you take pride in what you do? There are countless beginning artists and experienced artists like yourself who face periods of […]

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