how to paint with acrylic paints

Extender – Acrylic Paint Performs like an Oil Paint with Extender Medium

February 16, 2014

Embrace Extender Medium and see your Acrylic Paint change before your eyes! Having used Extender Paint Medium for the last ten years, I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to its usefulness as well as its challenges. It still amazes me how many artists  shy away from using acrylic paints because […]

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Texture In Art

January 7, 2013

When we think of creating our own work of art there are so many things to consider: the support or surface, subject matter, background, light source, center of interest, and so forth. We know what makes up a good overall design: color management, value, and intensity control, creating a good focal point, line of design, […]

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Composition In Art – What Is Notan?

June 8, 2012

Notan Is a Design Element used for creating composition in art The Japanese use the term ‘Notan’ to describe an important element of design. This concept involves the play of light versus dark. Notan means dark versus light harmony. The Japanese concept of two value Notan uses the simple concept of contrasting light and dark shapes. In […]

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Painting Flowers – The Tulip – What’s In A Name?

April 17, 2012

Painting Flowers – So how did the ‘tulip’ first get its name ‘tulip?’ Many artists who love painting flowers also enjoy learning the history of their favorite flowers. There is a legend for how the flower got its name. Here is but one of a few, but no one can be sure. Some believe that during […]

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Color Tips for Painting Seascapes and Marine Paintings: Work with a Limited Palette

April 17, 2012

Work with a Limited Palette when Painting Seascapes The ocean is a fascinating subject to paint, but with its array of changing colors, moods and constant movement and energy, it can be a tough one to master. We are better equipped if we approach painting seascapes with a well thought out plan. An important check list is […]

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Understanding Color And Light – Painting For Beginners

March 16, 2012

Painting For Beginners – Understanding Color and Light When painting, there are many directions you can go to create an art piece. Art can be simple or complex, elaborate or basic. Any of these styles, and many more, are beautiful. Color and light play an important role in all of these methods. It is important […]

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Learning To Paint Is Fun No Matter What Your Age

March 3, 2012

Learning To Paint at any age! Have you always wanted to paint beautiful oil paintings or acrylic painting but thought to yourself that you’re too old, too untalented, too busy or any of a million other excuses?  You are not too old. You are not untalented.  You can make the time to learn to paint.  It’s […]

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How To Clean Your Acrylic Paint Brushes

December 26, 2011

An acrylic paint brush that’s just been used for a painting should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Paint, once dried and stuck to a brush’s bristles, is very hard to clean off.  An acrylic based paint is water based, has little odor and does not need much cleanup, unlike an oil based paint. […]

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Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners

December 20, 2011

Acrylic paints are a relatively modern addition to the staple of tools that artists have at their disposal.  Acrylic paints offer a unique spectrum of versatility that simply cannot be matched by other painting mediums.  Although acrylic painting offers many benefits, it presents many challenge as well.  For a beginner, learning to paint with acrylic […]

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Working With A Limited Palette of Colors

July 31, 2011

Why work with a limited palette of colors? Whether you are painting with acrylic paint, painting with oil paints or watercolors, limiting your palette of colors means you make a conscious decision to use only a few colors on your palette at one time. There are several reasons why artists choose to do this. Traditionally […]

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