Painting from Photographs Techniques

April 4, 2015

Painting from Photographs Techniques Image Copyright Neadeen Masters – 2015 – All rights reserved. For those of us artists who enjoy painting from photographs, its not always easy to know what to keep or edit from our final images. Here are some techniques that I use to help me reach a successful composition to paint. […]

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Mixed Media – Modern turns Vintage – Picture Frame

November 23, 2013

Old Modern Becomes Vintage New – Mixed Media to the Rescue  During a recent house cleaning exercise I came across this contemporary or modern looking photo frame and noticed the panels coming loose. I was getting ready to put it into the “dispose” pile and then a creative idea hit me.  Why not refinish the frame […]

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Bridging the Gap with facebook and Twitter – Online Teaching

November 12, 2013

How do we bridge the gap on the facebook? Who ARE we…who ARE you? How do we connect and on what levels? In today’s cyber world of online business and online teaching…being real and developing trust through simple sound bite connections on the internet and through digital communications makes it even harder and more important than ever […]

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Aix en Provence – Everywhere there is a Painting Worth Painting!

October 5, 2013

Everywhere there is a painting worth painting! It’s 11p.m as I write this blog post and sounds of children paying in the street below drifts through my bedroom window. My Mom always said, “Change is as good as a rest” She was correct, Aix en Provence is a change from my daily studio routine. Our […]

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Creative Inspiration for a New Painting

August 28, 2013

Creative Inspiration for a New Painting In the last few days, I watched as our friend and business partner from the Art Apprentice Online, Gaby Hunter created a new composition for an upcoming seminar. Her creative inspiration and process was fun to hear as she shared her ideas with me. From an inspiration point of […]

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Creative Block – What to do when the ‘Creative Well’ Runs Dry?

July 31, 2013

A serious bout of creative block can be disheartening and troublesome for an artist. The ‘creative well‘ can run dry at anytime.  This has been something I have struggled with from time to time, so I am well aware of the frustration and sometimes sadness it can cause. Forcing me to paint does nothing to […]

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The Color Turquoise Blue

July 29, 2013

Turquoise  Blue Colors makes some of us go weak at the knees What is it about the Color Turquoise Blues that make some of us go weak at the knees? Is it the color that makes us dream of warm tropical seas and expensive gifts… and pretty turquoise boxes from Tiffany’s? Does it inspire us […]

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Painters Block and Creativity On Demand!

November 10, 2012

“Painter’s Block” and Creativity On Demand! She’s a scary beast that visits from time to time. A Pandora who’s hiding in her box, just waiting to pounce if we only let her have a chance! Painter’s Block is a very real condition that many artists suffer with, including me. Both beginner and experienced artists are […]

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Learn To Paint – Painting with a Buddy is Double the Fun!

October 31, 2012

Learn to paint with good friends! Many of us are solitary souls…we enjoy our own company. Having quiet time alone has become a cherished luxury we look forward to. Modern times and hectic family schedules can make us long for a little solitude. With that said, when it comes to painting, don’t you find painting […]

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Renew Your Artistic Energy

September 3, 2011

  Here’s A Quick Way To Renew Your Artistic  Energy,  Stimulate Your Creativity And See Amazing Results!! How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How To Move Beyond My Comfort Zone“ When there are no expectations, taking on a fun painting challenge is a great way to explore new ideas. Even […]

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