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How to Have Fun In A Busy Life

March 18, 2014

Creative Joy Includes Challenges for Having Fun When I was about 7 years old a new toy that cost $1.98 was suddenly all the rage, and everyone had to have one!  Fifty million of them sold in the first 6 months and 200 million sold in the first 2 years they were available.  It really wasn’t […]

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Aix en Provence – Everywhere there is a Painting Worth Painting!

October 5, 2013

Everywhere there is a painting worth painting! It’s 11p.m as I write this blog post and sounds of children paying in the street below drifts through my bedroom window. My Mom always said, “Change is as good as a rest” She was correct, Aix en Provence is a change from my daily studio routine. Our […]

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Creative Inspiration for a New Painting

August 28, 2013

Creative Inspiration for a New Painting In the last few days, I watched as our friend and business partner from the Art Apprentice Online, Gaby Hunter created a new composition for an upcoming seminar. Her creative inspiration and process was fun to hear as she shared her ideas with me. From an inspiration point of […]

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