Strengthen Your Creative Ability -Your Art Is A Reflection Of You!

by Neadeen Masters on July 3, 2011

Painting isn’t only about copying exactly what your subject looks like but the kind of impression it gives you. Creating a painting with your own unique touches is the part that is exciting because it’s a reflection of you and what you see and feel. That’s how you make art creative. Good artists do everything to develop their creative ability because they know it affects the end result. You too can learn to make a statement to your audience so they can feel the emotion that you feel and want to express.

In order to describe your emotions, you must be in the right frame of mind to express yourself. Sitting down to paint while stressed, or tired isn’t the easiest way to be creative. It’s far better to plan on a time to paint and you’ll be prepared for the joyous adventure.  If your paintings aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean you are not creative or don’t have artistic ability. When first starting out, expect to make a few mistakes when you begin. Determination and self-confidence over time will help you discover your creative energy and help you to relax and enjoy the process. At one time or another all artists hit roadblocks…Learning how to paint will also show you how develop the will to push through the road blocks. You’ll discover that is when we have our greatest triumphs! Above all else, remember it’s the challenge that tells us we are learning something new.

Gabriele Hunter - Art Apprentice Online Art School

Painting by Artist, Instructor Gabriele Hunter

Our creative energy must be stoked, just like the coals in a  fire. To do so…take a walk, visit places that make you feel good. Interact with other creative people, creativity feeds on itself, especially when you can explore ideas with another preson. A stroll in the park, feeding the ducks, picking flowers together, or just chilling out with a glass of ice-tea can be enough to get your creative juices flowing. Plan a hike, stroll through antique shops, or bake a loaf of bread together, take pictures wherever you go or look at magazines and scrapbooks. We need to feed the creative energy through ‘doing’ and inspiration. You’ll be sure to find something that inspires you to paint it. When you paint a certain subject try to paint different variations of it until you are satisfied. This will help you explore the subject from different and new perspectives. Take risks…experiment…You’re never completely finished with a project if you use it to give you more ideas. Let your painting speak to you…if you’re really listening… it will.

Strengthen your creative ability and turn it into reality with your paintings. You can unleash the artist in you by really noticing your environment. Develop your powers of observation, they will help you ‘see’. By concentrating on what you can do will help you overcome a fewof the road blocks and bring out the artist within. Try spending a few hours painting everyday…and before long, the painting exercise will become one of pure joy and full of rewards. If attention to training your art skills is important to you, you’ll make the time to paint as you’ll make this a priority. Treat this like you would any important appointment. Schedule the time and plan to paint on a certain day of the week or time of the day. Your success depends on this.

At the Art Apprentice Online Art School our online art classes are open 24/7!  You can tailor your time to paint with ease and flexibility. Create a painting schedule that works with the rest of your life and family. When ready to paint, visit your online classrooms and listen to a few painting videos while you ready your art supplies. This will help you get in the creative mood and warmed up, so to speak! As you approach the canvas… you’ll be in the right frame of mind and your success will be easier to attain!

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