Stepping Stones to Creating Original Art – Painting Patterns

by Neadeen Masters on May 9, 2012

Painting patterns and online art classes can be a great stepping stone to creativity

Many artists want to paint their own original art. They want their canvas paintings to be unique and different right from the start. This is an excellent goal to work towards; however as a new artist just starting out, using painting patterns and online art classes can be a great stepping stone to finding your own creativity and creating your own original designs.

The subject has been discussed many times…Decorative painters know it too well…’does painting a design created by another artist seem like cheating?’ The answer is a big fat ‘no’! The Old Masters taught their apprentices by allowing them to copy or reproduce their work so they could learn their painting techniques and methods. Using Painting Patterns are simply just another way to do the same thing. An example of this is featured below…Artist Susan Abdella created an acrylic painting patterns to be use in this same way. The student can learn to paint roses in a successful composition, with the help of written instructions from an experienced artist and teacher. Today painting patterns or (e-packets) are easy to access as they are easily down-loadable to your computer in a few minutes.

How to Paint Roses Painting pattern - Acrylic painting with Susan Abdella - Art Apprentice Online Two Roses on a Ledge – Acrylic Painting Patterns with Susan Abdella


Painting Patterns help build confidence and creativity

Building confidence and creativity  is one of the most important things when learning to paint. Struggling on your own, trying to figure out how to create a special painting effect is not always fun…and is certainly no way to gain confidence. Getting frustrated can be very destructive when it comes to developing your creativity! Painting patterns can become a very helpful resource for the new artist. They’re a way to learn how to achieve a certain ‘look’ , learn a new technique, or explore a new subject. At the same time, they help the student artist develop a sense of satisfaction because the guidelines lead to a successful painting in the end. The greatest reward comes when you learn something new you also build your artistic confidence!

Painting patterns are like proven family recipes. They provide you with instructions for a successful painting! They give you painting ingredients and tools (paint and brushes) provide you with step by step written instructions, step photographs, and many of them also go beyond that to include explanations of certain theory concepts.

Develop your creative confidence with reproductions!

Using good designs for painting will be helpful tools as you learn to paint, they will also move you, the aspiring artist closer to achieving your painting goals. To see a large collection of these, visit our the Art Apprentice online store where there are several patterns offered in many different categories such as floral, still life, whimsy, holidays, and landscape…

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