How to Paint Wildlife Animals

by Neadeen Masters on April 1, 2012

How to paint animals can be a challenging subject to master!

Like most folks, artists tend to gravitate to subjects that hold their interests. We paint what we love and find this to be the most rewarding aspect of learning to paint. There are however some subjects that require learning extra painting techniques and guidance for there to be successful paintings in the end. Learning how to paint animals and wildlife is one of these subjects that can be challenging. From personal experience, my first dog looked like a pig, and my first horse looked like a dog! It takes a little know how to get the hang of it and get it right.

Has your love for wildlife art been stirred by dramatic paintings of lions and tigers? Life size renderings of African elephants bathing themselves in clouds of dust tickle your fancy? How about a majestic pride of lions resting on a Serengeti Plain? If so, you are not alone. It seems art does inspire art in all of us…and that’s exactly how I was bitten by the wildlife bug! We each come to appreciate different subjects for different reasons. In the the lion painting below, ‘Courage, Dignity and Honour’ I was inspired by the gentle nature of this dangerious  animal. The movement of his long fur and plushness of his soft muzzle inspired me to paint him.

How to Paint Wildlife and Animal Fur by Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online Final Lion Study with Neadeen Masters

Ecologically conscious artists answer the call of how to paint animals.

Over the years, I‘ve also noticed a number of artists throughout the world becoming a lot more ecologically conscious. Many are doing their part by helping to bring awareness to the plight of endangered species of wildlife. By capturing their mystical likeness on canvas wildlife artists can bring these animals to those who might otherwise miss them. By giving these often forgotten creatures a more obvious human characteristic such as joy, courage, sadness, and belonging to a family group, public empathy is raised. By default these animals gain our respect and guardianship. Perhaps that too might be your reason for painting wildlife and wanting to know all you can about how to paint animals? Whatever the reason…the subject is worthy of learning!

Looking for details and learning to 'see'them.

Learning how to paint animals is a Discipline to be Learned… 

One thing we artists learn is that the measure of a painting’s success is the emotion it elicits from its viewers. For decades professional wildlife artists have mastered the techniques for painting their animal subjects.  They paint emotion filled and realistic compositions where atmosphere and scenery makes their viewer one with nature. For the new artist, capturing the realism of these animals and these emotions may seem almost impossible. Believing your painting skills and brush techniques may seem out of your realm of expertise can make you avoid the subject. One surprising fact you may not realize has been proven over and over. All painting is a discipline that can be taught and learned like anything else. Learning to paint wildlife subjects is no less difficult than any other subject. If it is presented in a methodical way for the artist to understand, it can be a joy to learn. Regardless of skills, the secret is finding a painting class or teacher where the subject is broken down, step by step so you the student can learn a simple approach to a complex subject.

How to Paint Wildlife - Art Apprentice Online Learning to see the details – Cougar Painting By Neadeen Masters

How to paint animals is presented in an online art class called  ‘The Technical Basics of Painting Fur’.

This is an online art class developed for just this reason. As an artist and art teacher, I understand how very frustrating it can be trying to learn a particular topic when the real subjects seem so far out of our reach. If you love to paint landscapes like I do…you go outside or take a drive to the country. If you like flower painting you go to the garden, or local nursery and get yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers. Voila! Ready to paint! Painting wildlife is a bit different… not every corner store stocks up on ‘take out’ lions, tigers or giraffes! A structured class with good reference materials is what is needed.

How to Paint Wildlife - Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online

Painting Details – Fur Online Class with Neadeen Masters

So if learning how to paint animals is on your horizon, let me show you the shortcuts and secrets I have discovered and learned along the way. With my step by step approach, you will discover how to achieve new levels of success.  Once learned, the technical aspects of painting animal fur will stay with you for life. In the course I have included both long and short fur, textures and patterns and colors. Three large subjects are painted and there are many exercises to get you started on this amzing journey of wildlife painting

Painting Animal and Wildlife Fur - Art Apprentice Online - Neadeen Masters

For further details and to register for this indepth online class…please visit this following link.

How to Paint Wildlife and Animal Fur

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