Secrets To Give Your Paintings Pizazz!

by Neadeen Masters on November 4, 2011

Do you paint the subjects in your acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings like they have been seen a thousand times before? In other words, are your paintings a bit lack lustre? Is the sky always blue? Are the clouds always fluffy and white? Is the way you use your color palette always the same? Ok it’s time to shake things up a little. Here goes…

  • Contrasts

The greatest way to give your paintings impact is creating a balance between contrasts. That said, the following concepts need to play into your painting process. Always consider how you use each of these for creating and balancing contrasts.

  • Tone

Set the tone! Set the mood! Tone or value is what makes your painting make sense to the viewer. It creates the drama and sets the overall mood. You want to reach out and grab the viewer don’t you?

  • Color Temperature

Of all the properties of color, temperature contrast is the one key concept that will make your paintings SING! La! La! La! The contrast between warm and cool color adds pizzazz and creates life to an otherwise dull composition! Color temperature will push you to use colors that help you describe the mood the way you want to. Color temperature allows you to work with the play of light and shadow and create amazing dimension!

Mexican Alley By Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online

Contrast of Temperature - Mexican Alley By Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online

  • Selection

What you choose to paint is key. Paint anything you want to paint but paint it differently. Think outside the box. Ok what does that mean? It means…do it differently! How can you wow your viewer if you paint the same old same old thing…over and over again. Here’s a tip or two…How can you simplify your subject by making it a little more abstract? Hmmmm, something to think about…or can you create BIG drama with it? Use the  elements you choose to make a painting. Heads up!…If you use photographs, don’t just copy…use the photographs as your reference materials…take  suggestions  from it…but change the mood, the light, the textures, the atmosphere…In the painting below, I took clues from photographs, but I combined elements to tell a new story. I wanted to suggest more of an abstract feeling to this composition. 

Who Dat? By Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online

Who Dat? By Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online

  • Composition

Do you ever take time to consider the way you handle the compositional elements? Do you think about creating contrast between them? This can make such a difference.  Short versus tall…variety in scale and proportion….look at the surface textures and study their similarities or differences…if you are using photographs, don’t be afraid to move things around for a more dramatic composition….The idea is to play, and experiment… that’s how you ca become creative and inventive!

Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online - Creating Mood

Neadeen Masters - Art Apprentice Online - Creating Mood

  • Mood

Do you want to tell a story! I’m sure you don’t just want to paint a thing! Things by themselves can be boring. Draw your viewer into your painting with the story.  How you use light to suggest  time of day, create shadows and reflections may stir their imagination.  How you use  brush work to describe the objects will also enhance the illusion you are building. How you create a sense of mood relies on YOUR creative use of color, tone, line, etc.

Did any lightbulbs go off? Hopefully you’ll take away a little spark to light your creative fires and help you think outside the box! Come paint with us…our online painting classes will get your creative mojo flowing.

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