Learn To Paint – Live the Rest of Your Life As An Artist.

by Neadeen Masters on June 17, 2011

Mid-Life transitions can sometimes be unsettling – So Learn to paint!

After the proverbial ‘nest’ is empty, it’s time to discover your creativity and develop a passion of another kind! If you are a female baby boomer, you’re also a member of a large demographic of our modern day society. Did you know that there are more than 40 million baby boomer women in North America alone? Many of us are experiencing or have survived the ’empty nest’ and are probably wondering, “So what now?” Our job as mother, caregiver and homemaker has changed and our life is in need of a new direction. Mid-Life transitions can sometimes be unsettling, so look at re-discovering the talents you once had and start dreaming again.Rediscover your hidden tallents and develop your creativity! Learn to paint with online art classes.

 Learn To Paint – it’s time to explore the creative talents you neglected for all these years

After careful examination many of us discover that we’re longing to do things we had to put off for the sake of a career or raising a family. Perhaps you recall how much fun you had with art classes in college or high school. Perhaps it’s time to explore the creative talents you neglected for all these years. High School painting and drawing classes may be a distant memory, but you never forgot how much you enjoyed the creative process. Back then…did you ever dream about becoming an artist? Do feelings of satisfaction from painting come flooding back to you? Well it’s time to resurrect these dreams and rediscover how excited they made you feel.

Painting and drawing is an amazing hobby…and living life as an artist comes with abundant personal rewards. We can bask in the benefits of art, replace loneliness with like minded friends, and enjoy its contemplative and relaxing experience. It’s challenging and thought-provoking too! Retirement activities can offer many new paths to self discovery and allow us to live our most authentic and creative life. A life with new purpose is amazing, motivating and invigorating! Learn to paint and discover something new about yourself. Know that by reinventing your life you will achieve new goals and you will dream once again!  Live the rest of your life as an artist.

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