Painting Tips – How To Paint Trees

by denisesanger on February 20, 2012

If you are an artist that is just beginning to learn the proper steps to paint, there are some important painting tips to remember. A beginning artist may want to start painting trees because they are not too difficult and can be a good starting point.

Trees look good in many landscape paintings. Trees are painted several ways and in different colors as some trees go through changes during the year. So depending on your painting, your trees may be painted with lots of color or very little color. If you are painting evergreen trees, they will be painted about the same shape and color no matter what time of year. Good painting tips to follow is look at the shape and form of the tree that you are going to be painting. There will most likely be spaces in between limbs and leaves. These spaces will need to be drawn correctly in your painting for your tree to look accurate.

The color of paint that you choose is important when painting a tree. It will need to be accurate for the tree to look natural. The trunk of the tree should be painted in first and then match the rest of the tree with a similar color that will blend in well.  Brown and gray colored paints are usually used for tree trunks.  If the tree is curved, draw this in your painting as the curve of the tree will add interest to the painting. Small features help to make trees look natural and real. The trunk may go up the tree and gradually change in size. When painting the branches you will have to paint some branches over top of others depending on the tree that you are painting.   Remember branches will look different with every tree that you paint so you will probably never paint each tree the same way.

Acrylic - Core Class #7 - Blending Methods 2 - Landscape Painting

Acrylic - Core Class #7 - Blending Methods 2 - Landscape Painting

Other painting tips to remember when painting a tree is adding the leaves can be fun but tricky at the same time. Add certain amounts of leaves to the tree in bunches to make it look realistic.  Use accurate paint colors for the leaves depending on the time of year you are painting in your scene.    Always leave a few small opening in the leaves where you can see through. When you add branches to your tree paint, paint them going in different ways and directions to be more accurate with the natural appearance of the tree. When adding needles to your tree add them from the bottom of the tree and go upward. Add highlights to your painting as your go along.

One of the most important painting tips is to not make the tree look too perfect and to make it look as closely to the actual tree as possible.

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