Painters Block and Creativity On Demand!

by Neadeen Masters on November 10, 2012

“Painter’s Block” and Creativity On Demand!

She’s a scary beast that visits from time to time. A Pandora who’s hiding in her box, just waiting to pounce if we only let her have a chance! Painter’s Block is a very real condition that many artists suffer with, including me. Both beginner and experienced artists are vulnerable, we can experience loss of creativity, and lack of enthusiasm for the one constant in our lives, painting! If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ve probably been there too. You put the brushes down, walk away from the easel and close the studio door! Yes you may have done this too.

"Painters Block "- Art Apprentice Online - Online Art Classes

Painters Block – Art Apprentice Online – Online Art Classes

The triggers for “Painters Block”

When you make your living as an artist, painters block is never a welcomed rest. On the contrary, it’s a time of unwelcomed stress, frustration and at times even sadness. A feeling of letting others down when important deadlines cannot be met! It can be anything from personal perfectionism, answering to creativity on demand, or the dreaded physical exhaustion. Eventually our ability to flip the creativity switch to on seems far out of our reach.

But why Painters Block? Here’s my theory…we live in a world where ‘on demand’ is the new normal. Unfortunately our creativity is not always available ‘on demand’. Like a roaring fire, our creativity is a special gift that constantly needs to be stoked, and tended or else its inspirational flames will fade. Let me share with you a few things that have worked for me.

Five Tips for Overcoming “Painter’s Block” – Stoke the Fire!

  • Clean your studio – nothing gets the mojo flowing faster than walking into a clean orderly  studio, where everything has its place. With order comes clear thinking! Needless to say I have a very clean and tidy studio!!
  • Get into routine – Set aside a specific time to paint or do something artistic. If I can’t bring myself to paint, I read artistic tutorials, and study photographs, this inspires me.
  • Set small goals that are more easily met.
  • Paint small – Don’t tackle a large canvas painting. Select small canvas sizes that can be completed in one session. A sense of accomplishment will help you overcome painters block a lot faster.
  • Paint an abstract composition – Put on your favorite music, and get lost in color and shapes. Let your thoughts guide you as you watch your abstract painting evolve.

Another way to overcome painters block is to join an art community and get involved. Being around other artists will help stoke your creative fire. Their creative input helps you move forward.

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