Paint the Sea

by denisesanger on November 3, 2011

Do you love sitting on the beach, admiring the ocean, feet in the sand? Your favorite spot can now become a beautiful artwork in you home. Best of all, YOU can create these pieces yourself! Wondering how? Take the Seascapes class from Art Apprentice Online. This fantastic class is available through the online school.

“Beaches, Dunes & Tidal Pools will introduce students to the techniques and concepts of painting shoreline compositions. Complete 4 paintings relating to this subject. Learn the effects of light on water, coast line perspectives, transparency of water and waves, foam patterns to develop the realistic water surfaces of seascapes. Painting sand dunes, beach grasses, wet sand, reflections, wet rocks, shallow water and the water’s edge will also be taught in this home course study.Student Support – Streaming Videos, text lessons, question and answer forums, step by step painting photographs.”

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