Online Art Classes Versus Videos -There is a difference!

by Neadeen Masters on July 30, 2012

Learn from the Painting Teacher…

The modern way to learn to paint – Online art classes

The goal of taking a painting class is to learn from the instructor and get feedback from someone with more experience. As a developing artist, the student painter is in need of instructor feedback to help build their confidence and skills. All students want to know they are on the right track as they forge forward learning new techniques. Today, online art classes can offer the same experience. The online relationship between the student and teacher helps the student get through the challenges and learn from mistakes. At the same time, they can celebrate their successes and reap the rewards of learning in an online group environment.

Learn to Paint - Online Art Classes - Art Apprentice Online Learn to Paint – Online Art Classes – Art Apprentice Online

Learn to paint with Online Art Classes

Online art classes work in much the same way. Students learn by watching painting videos of the painting lessons and receive as much feedback as they need by posting questions and photos into the classroom forums. Getting feedback from fellow students also helps to build camaraderie and new online friendships are often formed. Working in a group environment makes the learning process a very enjoyable and rewarding one.

Today on demand painting videos can be viewed on many websites and folks can watch many of these for a membership fee.  But for the beginner painter, there is no measure to know if they are really understanding the painting techniques or artistic concepts being demonstrated. The student is often working in isolation and in many cases the instruction is limited by the constraints of the video length. 1-2 hours at most. With no one there to give constructive feedback or show where improvement is needed it’s like working in a vacuum. This is not saying that DVD’s and Videos don’t have a place while learning to paint, they certainly do, but having an interactive experience between teacher and student in an online art class provides a very different experience. Especially  when learning something the first time. There is valuable security in knowing that a teacher is there to help you when you need it.

Online art classes provide a safe environment

Most of all, online art classes provide a safe environment for the novice artist to ask questions, troubleshoot problems and have fun while doing so. If you have never tried an online painting class, the Art Apprentice Online is a great place to begin. With online art classes for all skill levels and styles, you are sure to find one to fit your painting needs. Painting classes at the Art Apprentice Online Art School have the luxury of time, with no constraints to a video format. Instructors are able to show step by step, slow paced demonstrations specifically geared to teaching the ‘whys and what fors’ of learning to paint. These are valuable resources for the artistic journey.

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