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by Neadeen Masters on May 2, 2013

Get summer inspiration for artists from any artist’s magazine

As the summer and warm weather rolls around, there is much opportunity to be inspired by. Many artists will turn to an artist’s magazine for inspiration while others love to experience painting outdoors. Regardless of your preference, the first thing you can observe is the abundance of color! Everywhere we look color screams to Paint me! Paint me! Don’t miss out on these opportunities to capture events, and summer settings. Visit the farmers market, capture beach scenes, and go to garden centers. They are overflowing with brilliant colorful plants and flowers. The Summer season is the perfect opportunity to take photographs and build a library of reference materials. This will inspire new painting ideas and stimulate your artistic creativity. Nothing will jar your creative process faster than a collection of beautiful and brilliantly coloured objects. Tropical fruit or garden flowers will often do the trick! In our summer issues of the artist’s magazine from Art Apprentice Online, painters can find inspirational articles and painting lessons that are wrapped around painting summer themes.

Get Inspired for summer painting with artists magazine from Art Apprentice Online

Here’s an article written by artist Sue Pruett about this very subject of summer inspiration for artists. Sue gives you lots of ideas for collecting inspiration during the summer months.

  • Grab an artist’s magazine – Art Apprentice Online – Issue 1009 –  Artist Inspiration for Summer Designs – by Sue Pruett MDA

Summer, winter, fall, and spring are all know for their colors. The colors of each season are normally taken from the natural surroundings of nature.  Spring is representative of the early colors of perennial gardens, while fall is most noted for the golden tones of the leaves as they change. In fact most of nature’s palette is the basis of our inspiration.  Inspiration for a painter’s color palette can be pulled from almost anywhere. At this time of the year, let’s consider summer inspiration relative to your palette of colors.

  • Painters can turn to articles from any artist’s magazine for summer color inspiration

Regardless of the part of the country you live in, when you think summer, a peaceful pacific palette of colors comes to mind. The ocean and the colors of sand and sea suggest summer regardless of where you are standing. Within that palette of colors are a myriad of interesting color combinations. Picture this… sandy hues and colors as soft and pale as salt, or as dark as tree bark. Do these come to mind? In like manner, the colors of the ocean can be a delicate blue like the sky or soft green as shallow water. Design ideas can springboard from thoughts of tropical scenery and subjects.

Artists Magazine - Summer Inspiration - How to Paint Summer Colors

Summer Inspiration from an artist’s magazines will help you develop new ideas!

Inspiration for new summer designs can be easy if you brainstorm themes and subject matter within the chosen theme.  While doing this you’ll find that one thought will lead to another and before you know it design ideas are flowing.  For instance, choose a summer theme and make a list of everything that comes to mind.

For Example:

  • Theme – Tropical  – Subjects: water, ocean, sand, fish, tropical flowers and foliage, sunsets, seashells, and birds….can you think of more?
  • Theme – Summer Flowers – Subjects:  sunflower, daisy, fields of flowers, hibiscus, rose, hydrangea, poppies, black eyed susan, and dahlia, can you add more?

Artists Magazine - Summer Inspiration - How to Paint Summer Themes

The palette of colors from summer would be in sharp contrast to the colors of fall. Think fall and one might think of the east coast in late October. The changing colors of the leaves as well as the color of apples on the trees and hot cider in copper colored kettles draw a sharp contrast to the colors of the sand and sea of the summer colors. An artist, who actually thinks in color, most usually draws on the colors of the seasons to bring life to his palette. As the artist searches for inspiration for his assignment he must first think about where his design is to take place. Is it to be an outside painting or an inside painting? Is it to be a painting that shows movement like the waves of the sea or is it to be a still life like a bowl of fruit? In addition to this, is this painting to be of something outside or inside? These issues often determine the amount of lighting and the appropriate shadows that the artist need to take into consideration. The inspiration for a blank canvas can come from anywhere.

A color palette can come from almost anything. People from all cultures, still life, floral design landscape and wildlife are just a few of the many options to consider. The following is a short check list of possible ideas to help the artist learn how to draw color from the different seasons of the year.

Think cold snow, icicles, gray clouds
Think bold accent colors like red, and black

Think soft shades of flowers covering the warm spectrum of the palette
Think green grass in the different shades from light to dark

Think falling leaves with rich reds, golds, and green,
Think dark heavy colors like red apples, rust colored containers or orange pumpkins.

These seasonal suggestions can be complimented by the colors of trend and fashion that are found everywhere. Seasonal magazines, fashion catalogs, makeup and jewelry lines are also  inspiration for the artist looking for complementary colors.

Think sand with the broad spectrum of neutral colors from light to dark browns
Think oceanic colors of pale blues and dark aqua’s

For more summer inspiration and painting lessons about how to paint art for the summer season, purchase this online artist’s magazine from the Art Apprentice Online. Its full of painting videos to get your brushes flying!


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