Learn To Paint Animals

by denisesanger on July 19, 2011

Do you love to paint animals, but perhaps have difficulty mastering the look of their fur? It’s hard sometimes to get the flow of a pets or wildlife animals fur, even harder if they don’t stay still 🙂 Check out this course if you are interested in perfecting your fur painting technique! Only at www.artapprenticeonline.com


“Techical Bascs For Painting Fur:This is an in depth technique course for the beginning and/or intermediate painter who wishes to paint realistic wildlife fur. Students learn brush techniques to render texture, pattern, direction and length. Color is discussed relative to light, contour, and surroundings. Glazing, painting light and shadow, integral to the process for painting different types of animal fur is demonstrated. The instructor will offer numerous exercises for the student to explore and apply. Student Support- Video, text lessons, interactive chat room, question and answer forums, photographs. Three 16×20 animal studies wil be cmpleted.”

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