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by Neadeen Masters on July 29, 2011

Learn About Painting Art and Become the Artist you dream about!

For those who dream to one day leave a legacy of creative works for the next generation, there must be innate personal qualities developed to drive that dream.  Sure we can all have dreams about painting art as a weekend hobbyist. Painting is a fantastic hobby and a great de-stress-er from a busy life. For the new hobbyist, it’s very easy to get started. Grab a few brushes, paints, a canvas or two… sign up for an online art class and away you go. But for the creative soul who desires more than just a weekend or two…,  it takes a particular drive to meet the goals set out by the serious artist who truly wants to learn about painting art.

Learn About Painting Art - Art Apprentice Online Art School

  1. Learn about painting Art and Desire – The dream is real. Your aspiration is tangible. There is a longing deep inside you, for you…’to create is to be alive’. Something you truly are passionate about is being an artist. Everyone has dreams, but passion is when we act upon the dream. Putting in place a plan to move forward and reach our creative goals. Passion is something we live by, it consumes us…we are focused on it…outspoken, sometimes opinionated and most of all…we live it! To be a serious artist we must be passionately motivated to create!
  2. Learn about Painting Art and Determination – Nothing gets in your way.  You discover that your purpose in life is to be an artist. You’ll put aside other simple pleasures of life to reach your artistic goals. Yes you try to maintain balance in your life, but sometimes you find it hard to not put art, painting classes, research, painting, drawing and other art related exercises before other things. You seem to have the willpower to paint whenever it’s needed, yet you can’t resist the second helping of ice-cream!  Your daily activities revolve around painting or drawing or just creative thinking. Determination to succeed at art drives your life.
  3. Learn to Painting Art and Diligence – You are driven…you plan your work, being careful and thorough about your research, your next painting, your collection of reference materials, your studio, your next artistic project and the results from your efforts. When it comes to making art, painting or drawing… you are often meticulous.
  4. Learn to Paint and Dollars – Last but not least, it’s not that you need a great deal of money to become an artist…but for you, art seems to be where you enjoy spending your disposable income … you can always justify the cost of another camera lens, another brush, a new easel, more paints, canvas, a bigger studio, another art class, better lighting, any and everything to do with your art is ‘A O.K’ with you! LOL!

The artists from the Art Apprentice Online can all identify with the above sentiments. ‘Been there, done that’…We all live to paint…we love to learn about painting art, and naturally we also love to teach about painting art to others. If you can identify with anything in this post, share your thoughts and feelings about being an artist!

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Kim Ervin July 29, 2011 at 10:52 pm

I agree, I identify with…..I am…..obsessed….with art and most of my friends know it.


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