Learn About Paint Brushes Part 2

by denisesanger on July 15, 2012

In the previous blog entry, Learn About Paint Brushes Part 1, we talked about how different brushes create different strokes and styles in an art piece. The type of brush you use can help create a master piece.

In our last post we discussed:

To finish our set, this post will discuss:

Flats: Just as the name suggests, the Flat brush is a wide brush with a thin tip. Flat brushes come in a variety of lengths, short and long. Use a flat brush to create lines, broad strokes, or edges.

Liners: Another brush that contains its purpose right in its name. A liner brush usually has a very small, thin tip, with few bristles. The liner brush is used to create precise lines, thin or thick.

Rake: The rake brush is one of the more unique brushes in the list. A rake brush can be squared or oval, but usually has varying lengths for the bristles. The varying lengths make this brush ideal for textures in artwork.

Rounds: Traditional yet perfect for most art pieces, the Round paint brush is ideal for outlines, filling in small areas, and even quick sketches. Depending on the thickness of the brush, a thin Round paint brush is perfect for details.



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