How To Start An Art Blog

by bryantjaquez on January 14, 2013

There are two kinds of art blogs

Have you ever noticed the progression that happens in a hobby where it moves from an interest, to a passion, to something that they want to start making money off of?  Well, there are two kinds of art blogs.  The first is one that you make money on, and the second is an art blog that you do for fun.  This post will discuss both kinds of blogs and, hopefully, set you up to start blogging by the end of the day.  Before we continue, you should consider which path you want to take because I assure you both blogs are vastly different.

Setting Up An Art Blog Website

The first thing you will need to do is set up a website.  If you have decided to go the “free route” you can set up something on Tumblr, Blogger, or even  These services are free, and they will make the set-up quick and easy.  The downside to these blogging platforms is that they technically “own” your content.  They will give you an account under their parent-website which will let you blog (your web address or URL will be, but you will not have as much freedom with them as you can have if you just own your own site.  Also, if you set up your site on Tumblr, you will not be able to transfer your content to another platform in case you ever decide to change your website.

If you want to pursue art-blogging as a part time job, or if you just want to set up a professional art blog, you will need an actual website.  The easiest way to do this is to follow these easy steps:

#1 –  Get Hosting – “Hosting” is required to have a website.  It is essentially the space that you will store all of your webpages, posts and images.  There are a number of good hosting companies out there.  My two favorites are iPage (1.99-2.95/month) and Hostgater(3.96/month.)  Both of these companies have good customer service and a high customer satisfaction rating.

 #2 –  Install WordPress – I could write an entire post about why WordPress is so amazing!  However, to save you time, I will simply say that WordPress is the easiest way to start a professional website.  In fact, 58,000,000 websites are already built on WordPress and it is the most popular platform in the world.  There are two different versions of WordPress; a professional one and an amateur one. Both are free, but the professional one gives you a lot more freedom and ownership over your content.  You will have to use your new hosting plan to set up WordPress, but I assure you it is easy to do.  I want you to read one of these easy tutorials that will quickly walk you through setting up WordPress on your new hosting plan.  Instructions for Hostgater, instructions for iPage.

#3 Design:

As an artist, this is going to be one of the most exciting parts. I suggest you start with a theme.  If you have decided to go the non-professional route you can use one of the themes that your blogging platform gave you.  If you  choose to build a professional art blog, you have an unlimited number of WordPress themes to choose.  This art blog is built on Thesis, which is an easy to use theme.  You can also find thousands of free themes, or you can pick out a premium theme from one of these companies: Graph Paper Press, Elegant Themes or Woo Themes.

I suggest you have as much fun with your theme as possible.  Use your intuition as an artist to create something beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing.  Remember that the same rules apply to the internet as the off-line world.  Keep things simple, make sure your color pallet is consistent and use large attractive pictures. Here is an article that talks about creating a beautiful “usable” website design. If you are creating a website that will give you an income, you can certainly benefit from hiring a professional web designer (we recommend BrewSEO a redding web design company.)

#4 – Start Making Money – Are you ready to start blogging?  Good, but before you do, there is one more thing to think about.  How are you going to make money off your blog?  The internet is full of passive income strategies, and “get rich quick” schemes.  The truth is that the schemes do not work, but the passive income strategies are possible if you are willing to put in the time working.  Either way, even a casual art blogger can make money on their blog.  The easiest method is to use affiliate links on your site.

An affiliate link is a personalized link for a company that sells products (like ours.) If you put an image in your sidebar. The image below is an example of what affiliate links look like in a “sidebar.” All you have to do is place an affiliate image in your sidebar (usually you will place the image in a word press widget) and you will make a commission when you refer customers to the store. An affiliate link is an easy way to make money as they allow you to advertise for another company and get paid for it.

Some of the best affiliate links are: Us of course :). You can sign up to be an Art Apprentice affiliate here. Amazon is another great affiliate company. You can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate here. I suggest you use the amazon affiliate account to display your favorite art resources, and the Art Apprentice link to promote art lessons/classes.

#5 – Time To Write:  Now you can start to write. Write about any part of art that you are the most passionate about.  Tell the world about all of your favorite techniques, products and art resources.  When it comes to blogging, you will become more popular if you are “social”, so start to network with other art bloggers.  Share your blog posts on Facebook.  Hey, if you let us know about your new art blog we will even share it on our Facebook page.  After all, we love equipping artists.

We wish you the best!

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wally collins February 10, 2014 at 3:32 am

Thanks for your quick coverage of the subject. I’ve been wanting to start a blog as a way to keep track of my paintings and enable friends to keep in touch.


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