How to Learn Painting via Written Instructions

by Neadeen Masters on August 9, 2013

Don’t snub your nose at reproducing someone’s design in an effort to learn painting. Whether you wish to become a fine artist or decorative artist you can learn painting from the work of other more experienced artists. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn when painting from this type of exercise.

Ways to Learn Painting

For centuries artists have sought different ways to learn painting. Besides formal art school, they’ve been learning to paint from more experienced artists who pass on their knowledge and expertise outside of the classroom. Today we can attend live painting classes, online painting classes, read books, buy art DVDs, and watch painting videos on TV. Whatever routes we choose to learn from we are seeking the knowledge other artists share with us. Each learning avenue serves a purpose and fills a need.

Learn Painting via Written Painting Lessons

There is one route that shouldn’t be overlooked…that is…To learn painting via written painting lessons. In the field of decorative painting, thousands of student artists have been buying ‘pattern packets’ for decades. Many accomplished artists, both fine artists and decorative artists have literally cut their artistic teeth on ‘pattern packets’. They learn painting at their own pace, on their own schedules and are still able benefit from the shared artistic knowledge and painting techniques of their favorite artists.

Cardinal Bird Art Study - Acrylic Painting - Neadeen masters - Art Apprentice Online

In An Aspen Grove – Winter Cardinal Bird – In-Depth Art Study – Painting Pattern

What’s A Painting Pattern You Ask?

Whether you call it Fine Art or Decorative Art, the student artist still needs to learn the fundamentals of painting theory and techniques. Fine Art and Painting Lessons can be delivered in many ways. Pattern packets or painting patterns as they are often called, either way they are the same thing. These written painting instructions and step by step photographs show the student artist how to reproduce a particular painting or painted project and include the line drawing. The student does not have to worry about the accuracy of an initial drawing. The goal is to learn a particular artist’s painting method, style and painting technique via the most affordable and accessible means. Many of these written painting lessons deliver bang for the buck and are often packed with huge amounts of valuable information to support the ‘why? and how?’ of traditional painting methods.

Benefits to Painting Patterns

-Easy and immediate access
-Wide variety of painting subjects to choose from
-Big bang for your buck!
-Easy download from the internet and saved to your computer viewed at any time!
-Print what you need
-Can be referenced over and over

Choose from a wide range of subjects and topics…learn painting and acrylic painting techniques from experienced teachers and artists who share their knowledge via written instructions and step by step photographs.

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