How to Have Fun In A Busy Life

by Donna Richards on March 18, 2014

Creative Joy Includes Challenges for Having Fun

When I was about 7 years old a new toy that cost $1.98 was suddenly all the rage, and everyone had to have one!  Fifty million of them sold in the first 6 months and 200 million sold in the first 2 years they were available.  It really wasn’t that they were so cheap but rather that they were so much fun and presented a challenge everyone wanted to master. Can you guess what it was??  The wild popularity of the “Hula Hoop” lasted for just over 10 years – until about the time I was graduating from high school.

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Hula Hoops are still around but back in their “day” it seemed like everyone hula hooped.  Even those who were already parents when they came out probably remember (at your children’s’ prompting) trying to perfect the exact swing of hips and body that kept the hoop up and twirling around your mid section.

Modern Times means Modern Challenges for Having Fun!

There was much fun from that simple toy at a time when everyday life was more simple too!  “Windows” only meant a window that you could open and close and look out through. If you heard the word “Apple” you knew someone was talking about a kind of fruit that was crispy and either red or green.  The word “Web” might have meant a web of lies but the first thing I would have thought of was something hanging from the ceiling or glistening in the sun after a rain storm.

Creative Accomplishment Means Fun and Is good for the Human Soul

Fast forward 50 years and here we are today. . . We find ourselves living in a very complicated world, full of unlimited wonderful things, but it’s also a much busier world that’s filled with of a lot more stress and less time for having simple fun! Taking time for yourself, trying something new that you have always wanted to do, and allowing regular times to do the things you truly enjoy is one of the best ways to de-stress your life.  Mastering a new challenge can add more meaning to life.  And for those of us who are creative and love to paint it really is essential that we take time to create; that we take time to express our creativity.  Painting and drawing or working on other crafts can be such a relaxing and fulfilling thing!  There is so much satisfaction in looking at a competed painting and acknowledging that you have it because you painted it!   A real sense of accomplishment does wonders for stress and for any kind of discouragement for that matter!

I’ve heard it said that “a smile is a sign of joy, a hug is a sign of love, and a laugh is a sign of happiness” . . . and to that I would like to add that a finished painting is a sign of all three; joy, love and happiness!!   Keep life a little more simple . . . . take time to relax and  make time to paint! Besides…it’s a lot of fun too!

Here’s wishing you lots of  happy painting days!  Donna Richards at the Art Apprentice Online Art School

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