How To Get Motivated To Paint

by denisesanger on January 3, 2012

In today’s world, we have so many things that constantly demand our time.  So how do we make time to paint if it’s our hobby?  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of pushing ourselves a little.  Give ourselves a “deadline” so to speak for when we want our painting to be completed.

Other times, it may be starting a new project or online art class.  It is always exciting to start a new project but what may be even more exciting is to take an online art class in a subject you haven’t yet tackled.  If you have been painting for many years, maybe it is time to stretch yourself a bit or maybe dig your teeth into a topic that gives you just a little bit of trouble such as animal fur or creating depth in your painting.

Finally if you just can’t seem to take that first step, just go into your studio anyway.  Sometimes when you are just not in the mood to paint, just going in and looking at your painting in progress, studying the technical aspects or even concentrating on the drawing may just give you the push you need.

New for 2012:

Creating Depth & Dimension with Perspective

Learn to create depth and dimension in landscapes.  For intermediate & advanced painters.

Online Art Class 15 Creating Depth & Dimension with Perspective

Online Art Class 15 Creating Depth & Dimension with Perspective

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