How Can You Freshen Up A Room? Decorate With New Art Work!

by Neadeen Masters on October 3, 2011

Trying to redecorate your whole house can be overwhelming.  Why not start with your family room or living room. Take a look at the art work that’s hanging there, is it time for a fresh new look? Now’s the time, especially with the change in seasons to move things around or even to add a few new pieces to your collection. Fall is always a time for nesting and spending more time indoors, so why not give your nest a lift? There’s no need to replace large furnishings and rugs unless you really have to… You can start with a new painting or two and get your inspiration from there.

Decorate with your new artwork!

Look around the room, think about where you want the main focal area to be. Above the sofa, or the fireplace is usually a good place to begin. Once you’ve decided on the location, think about the style of artwork for your main focal area. Might we suggest you paint it yourself? Perhaps an online painting class might be just what the doctor ordered for your tired, but favourite room…So how about it? Give this a try…There are lot’s of acrylic painting classes, even for the beginner who has never painted before !

Next you might want to paint the space…take your color cues from the artwork you choose or the furniture in the room. You might want to choose a lovely neutral for your walls…play it safe and you won’t be sorry. Nothing freshens up a space more than fresh paint! Remember neutrals can have color too! Next…Add fresh throw pillows, perhaps a new area rug for a little extra pizzazz, a few warm and fuzzy throws over the couch or chairs and you’ll be set to go…Add some big fat candles and voila! You may also consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Freshly-cleaned carpets can do wonders for the look of a room. The room will have a new fun flavor!

This time of year is also the best time to get rid of clutter. It’s always a good time to edit…so grab a few empty boxes and remove all the accessories from the room. Clear the space completely…then slowly put back a few of your most prized pieces. Arrange these in small groupings of three or five… Add in a few small pieces of your framed art. Place these sitting on smaller table easels…And don’t forget, you can always fill an empty corner by displaying  another larger painting on a wooden or metal floor easel…Showcase your artwork, they will make for great conversation pieces when company drops in to visit!

There are so many ways to freshen up your home, and these are just a few simple and fun ways to do so….Enjoy your new art filled room this fall!

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