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by Neadeen Masters on April 14, 2015

After a recent conversation with a student, it was evident that she was missing the point of what it takes to become a proficient painter. She selected her class based only on subject rather than the learning outcome. After some lengthy discussion, and explaining the huge benefits of learning a wide spectrum of concepts and techniques, she finally understood what learning to paint is all about. Perhaps you need to focus on learning to paint?

Here are a couple of points we discussed…

  1. If all you focus on is painting a single flower, all you’ll ever paint is a single flower. Rather…Focus on what you’ll learn when painting the flower…how the petals are formed, how they turn and curl, how to make them look translucent, how to make their stems look round…etc.
  2. If all you focus on is painting a wave, all you’ll learn to paint is a wave. Rather…Focus on what you’ll learn about moving water, light, the transparency of water and how light passes through it. Focus on the color changes, the shape and form of the wave as it curls and casts a shadow…then relate this to painting the flower! In regards to actual painting, what do they have in common? Think about it… light passes through a flower petal in the same way it passes through a breaking wave! The wave curls and the petal curls. They both share a similar form (the cylinder) The flower petals cast shadows, and so does the wave cast shadows.
  3. Everything about painting is related. The concepts and principles we learn are applied to whatever we paint. The most important point is learning all of them so we can paint anything and everything! That’s what artists do, they learn concepts and principles.

About Learning to paint…

The Art Apprentice Online offers painting and art theory classes geared to teaching techniques and sound art principles. The information offered in these classes is timeless. Like investing in good art books, you’ll keep referring to them as your skills grow. On each visit you’ll make new discoveries and understand art principles in different ways! Learning to paint with confidence takes more than choosing pretty pictures. That’s the easy part! It’s about understanding color and its properties, how to create depth and dimension and being able to rely on your own instincts and know how when painting alone.

Learning to paint - Color Theory - Intensity study online painting lesson at Art Apprentice Online

Your online classes at the AAO (Art Apprentice Online) provide you with continuous classroom access. As you grow as an artist, your instructors at the AAO are always there to help you understand and make your artistic journey an active and ongoing process. Your time doesn’t run out and neither does access to your instructors who also provide you with in-depth written text lessons, line drawings, and several hours of painting videos so you can watch the techniques up close.

Art theory classes NEVER grow old! Like art books and fine wine, they get more valuable with age…providing a resource that’s more enjoyable and beneficial as time passes.

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