Focal Area:Raindrops On Roses!

by Neadeen Masters on November 24, 2012

What details can we add to help us create the best ‘focal Area’ in a floral composition?

As we learn how to paint flowers we also learn more about making them stand out in dramatic floral paintings, we also learn that water drops or dew drops can add sparkle and interest like none other! These little transparent gems will catch the light and twinkle like precious jewelry on a ladies delicate hand! Painting perfect water drops on a rose flower or on any flowers or leaves will take a little practise. There is a specific way to paint realistic dew drops so they don’t look out of place. The painting techniques used to create water drops are simple, and there are a few steps to learn to give them realistic form and bring them to life! Your painted roses will look like they were freshly picked from the garden.

Realistic water drops add realism to the Focal Area of A Flower Painting

  • When painting water drops, consider where you place them. It is important to consider the contour of the flower petals. That is…the ‘bend’ or ‘fold’ of the flower petal as it curls to create the flower head.
  • Pay close attention to the values and shadows on the rose flower petals.
  • Water droplets and dew drops are the jewelry of the garden! They add the glitz and sparkle to the focal areas and can attract a lot of attention!!
  • Place them carefully and realistically. But remember not to overdo them – the rule less is more applies!

Painting Waterdrops - Focal Area - Art Apprentice OnlinePainting the jewelry of the garden – ‘water drops’  – Attract Attention in your focal area with Sparkle!

Here are seven tips when painting water drops in the focal area of your flower paintings or rose bouquet

  • Remember that a water drop is like glass – it’s transparent and light passes through it.
  • Where is the direction of the light source coming from – in the photo above the light enters from the right, and exits where we see the lightest values.
  • Where are the highlights?
  • What color is the water drop? – It is the same color as the surface it sits on.
  • What about the intensity of the color of the water drop?
  • Water drops also have ‘sit down’ shadows.
  • Look for the shadow under the edges of the droplet.

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