Creative Inspiration for a New Painting

by Neadeen Masters on August 28, 2013

Creative Inspiration for a New Painting

In the last few days, I watched as our friend and business partner from the Art Apprentice Online, Gaby Hunter created a new composition for an upcoming seminar. Her creative inspiration and process was fun to hear as she shared her ideas with me. From an inspiration point of view, I thought it would be good for her to share them with you too…Gaby shared the following thoughts…

“The Mosel River region is the third largest wine region in Germany. I grew up right in the middle of it all…Surrounded by family vineyards and grapes also encouraged me to be involved in the harvesting of the grapes each year.  As an adult artist, anything to do with vineyards and `wine culture` speaks to me.

The Creative Inspiration

When the artists from the Art Apprentice Online got together for our annual painting session and company meeting in Kelowna, B.C Canada… a particular reference photo of Okanagan grapes really tugged at my muse.   After painting it I really liked the painting, but I always felt it needed something extra…perhaps a little `life`

Okanagan Grapes by Gaby Hunter from The Art Apprentice Online

Finding a Creative Solution

Looking through my own personal photos of birds, I came across a photo of a beautiful goldfinch. I had taken in my backyard last summer.  Voila! There was the missing link!  A new painting immediately took shape in my mind.

Creative ways to make it all Work

The ranges of warm colors of the grapes and grape leaves were adjusted to flow with the colors of the bird. The original composition was tweaked to make the gold finch bird fit the painting and tell a story. I also wanted the bird to be the main focal area of the painting.

Even though both paintings are quiet beautiful, (if I may say so myself) adding a bit of “life” to a painting can enhance and spark deeper emotions of the soul. Somehow I feel the series of grape paintings is complete…the little finch bird was the missing link! “

Golden Harvest - Finch by Gaby Hunter from the Art Apprentice Online

…If you ever encounter the same feelings of wanting to continue with a painting series but are stumped as to how to do it…don`t stop the creative process there. Dig deeper, explore other ideas…search through your photo files…you’ll be surprised at how and where the `creative inspiration` will come from…

For online art lessons and acrylic painting patterns from Gabriele Hunter…please visit the Art Apprentice Online for a wide selection of artistic resources created to learn painting right from the comfort of your home!

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