Color Palette Changes with Experience

by Neadeen Masters on August 1, 2013

Your Color Palette and Experience…

Inspiration comes in many ways. It is curious to see how an artist’s color palette can change and evolve over time. Experience is always the best teacher, we know this…experience also gives us permission to break the rules and think outside the proverbial box! My friend and business partner Gabriele Hunter has recently painted a beautiful fresh water fish, the Discus. The colors of this fish are clear, brilliant and inviting. But what inspired her to paint such a painting? What inspired her to paint with such a brilliant palette of colors?

Discus fish - Painting Pattern - Art Apprentice Online - Gaby Hunter

Change has come over her color palette

After a brief conversation with Gaby it is clear to see what a dramatic change has come over her color palette over the last few years. She will tell you that in the past, she painted with a much toned palette, often drab to her more experienced eyes today. When asked why she painted with such a toned palette, her response is that she was taught ‘that’s how one handles color’. In retrospect, her remarkable growth as an artist has freed her to experiment and play with color in many different ways. No more dull or drab paintings for Gaby, her personality shines through her new found playful handling of color!

All artists evolve over time

We evolve when we dance to our own tunes and not the tune of others. Knowledge and a greater understanding of the technical rules allow us to explore so many other options relative to the color palette. We experiment, we play and we have fun while doing so. We begin to paint from the heart. It’s good to look back, if only to see how far we have come…this helps us move forward with renewed energy and focus as we create art for the future.

In this painting, Gaby Hunter was inspired by a photograph taken by her granddaughter and her friend Nick…The photograph was taken on a trip to an aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. The colors of the fish spoke to her immediately…the rest is history. The painting is now an acrylic painting pattern for those artists who wish to learn to paint such a composition. It is also good to know a little history behind a painting.

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Sharon Fah May 4, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Very nice! Gaby, it looks as though you turned a light on!


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