The Elements Of Art

Paintings of Landscape – Design Tips Using Line

April 22, 2013

Successful Paintings Of Landscape  Depend on the Use of Line  ‘Line’ is an Element of Design that helps the artist move the viewer’s eye around the painting. Successful Paintings Of Landscape  Depend on the Use of Line, but how does this artistic concept specifically apply when painting a landscape? The design concept of ‘line’ can be used […]

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Texture In Art

January 7, 2013

When we think of creating our own work of art there are so many things to consider: the support or surface, subject matter, background, light source, center of interest, and so forth. We know what makes up a good overall design: color management, value, and intensity control, creating a good focal point, line of design, […]

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Perspective In Art

January 2, 2013

  What is Perspective? Perspective is one of the most important concepts in art. It is by implementing the laws of perspective that we are able to create convincing three dimensional images to create the illusion of reality. The concept of perspective was first introduced in the 1400’s by the Italian artist and architect Filippo Brunelleschi. This […]

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Principals Of Movement In Art

January 1, 2013

Movement in art is a concept in art related to design. Here is a free version of the elements of art class we offer in the AAO store. Photo by landscape photographer: Eric Leslie.   What Is Movement In Art? Artists will rely on many tools to establish the story as well as the ‘flow’ of […]

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Harmony In Art

December 31, 2012

How often do you find yourself saying, “I wish I knew how to advance my artistic knowledge?” Here is the internet’s most expertly crafted explanation of harmony in art. What Is Harmony In Art? Cezanne stated, “When paintings are done right, harmony appears by itself. The more numerous and varied they are, the more the effect is obtained and agreeable to the […]

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Rhythm in Art

December 12, 2012

How often do you find yourself saying, “I wish I knew how to advance my artistic knowledge?” Here is the internet’s most expertly crafted explanation of rhythm in art. What Is Rhythm In Art? The concept of rhythm in art represents the easy movement of the viewer’s eyes following a regular arrangement or reproduction of elements in the art work. There are several […]

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Focal Area: Composition: Painting Flowers

November 24, 2012

Creating the Focal Area in a Flower Painting There are many things to think about when painting flowers in a composition. One of the decisions we need to make is how will be portray the flowers we have chosen and what ways can we add interest to the ‘Focal Area’ to make it stand out from the rest of the […]

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Composition In Art – What Is Notan?

June 8, 2012

Notan Is a Design Element used for creating composition in art The Japanese use the term ‘Notan’ to describe an important element of design. This concept involves the play of light versus dark. Notan means dark versus light harmony. The Japanese concept of two value Notan uses the simple concept of contrasting light and dark shapes. In […]

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Elements of Art – Nuts and Bolts Make You A Strong Artist!

July 4, 2011

Artists use elements of art to create mood, perspective and emotion in much the same way writers use the parts of speech. They may be trying to tell a story or make you feel a certain way. Some use the elements consciously to set up the layout of a painting; others may use them unconsciously. […]

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