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by Neadeen Masters on November 12, 2013

How do we bridge the gap on the facebook?

Who ARE we…who ARE you? How do we connect and on what levels? In today’s cyber world of online business and online teaching…being real and developing trust through simple sound bite connections on the internet and through digital communications makes it even harder and more important than ever to get to know each other…but it is happening…Thumbnail photos, written profiles and shared friends seemed all we had to go on…but is that really it? No, I don’t think so…it has the potential to develop into lots more than you will ever guess.

Donna Richards,Sue Pruett, Neadeen Masters, Susan Abdella, Gaby Hunter from the Art Apprentice Online - Art Teachers.

Art Apprentice Online Teachers

Top left – Donna Richards, Sue Pruett, Neadeen Masters, Susan Abdella and Gabriele Hunter

Through our facebook and twitter posts we/you share the daily events of our modern lives. No longer isolated by distance we share successes, good days and not so good days. We share painting skills  and creativity, new grand babies, new puppies, weddings and engagements, jokes, funny images and inspirational quotes! AND least we forget, our artwork, art tips and ideas. Somehow our ‘facebook’ sharing does more than we realize…It helps us build relationships that in some cases can seem more real than some so called friendships of the past that walked in and out of our lives leaving us shaking our heads!

Art Apprentice Online - Art Teachers - How to Paint

L-R – Sue, Gaby, Connie, Susan, Neadeen and Donna – The Art Apprentice Online Magazine Team

On a personal level, as art teachers we get to know more about our students and followers…like distant cousins who share a bit of history and enjoy the same interests. We connect by the fact that we are wives, mothers, grandmothers, homemakers, pet owners, neighbours, farmers, artists, caretakers, art teachers and sometimes students. We experience the same feelings of joy, excitement, and success as everyone else. We experience loss, stress and fatigue. But through it all, we laugh, share a cyber hug, and giggle about the silly and sometimes very stupid things we do without thinking…like forgetting the exploding hardboiled eggs on the stove, washing the same load of laundry 4 times, or sliding under the garage door, (inside joke on facebook). We share our stories and experiences, and we love that you do the same with us.

Learning the Greyscale via the computer - Online painting Lessons

Not just a hand or a talking head…there are real people behind online painting classes, and those facebook  posts!

Regardless of distance, our cyber status posts have made us/you/we seem more human and real. We love that this aspect of online teaching has allowed us to bridge the gap between thumbnail photos, written profiles and daily status updates. Keep them coming…we love to hear from all of you…

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