Art Appreciation – An Easy Way to Learn It!

by Neadeen Masters on June 2, 2012

Art Appreciation can be a daunting subject, but it is fun! 

Have you ever thought about  art and who’s idea of art is to be considered art? I’m sure you will agree, art is subjective and what appeals to some may not appeal to others. If you’re confused about the subject of art appreciation, you’re not alone. How would you feel if you overheard a group of people conversing in a foreign tongue? Would you feel left out of their conversation? I’m pretty sure you would…

Well, ‘art appreciation’ is a little like that. Unless you understand the art you’re looking at, it’s a little like feeling left out! The great painters, like the Old Masters and many others were trying to say so much through their art works, they told stories, reflected on the current times, made political statements, and captured life in their era. These great paintings were not just about a pretty paintings, they were a historical record of another time. But if we don’t know what to look for, we only see one facet of the art work, not the real meaning or message the artist was sending us. ‘Seeing’ art and paintings for what they really say is about making a far deeper connection with the work and overall, it makes a much richer experience.

Art Appreciation For Artists by Art Apprentice Online - E-Book Art Appreciation For Artists by Art Apprentice Online – E-Book

What is art appreciation?

With a little insight and information, you can start forming your own opinions and the connection you will make with famous paintings will be completely different than judging them solely on face value alone, and besides…it’s a lot more fun going to museums and art shows! Hey! You never know what creative paths might open up.  You may discover a style suddenly tugs at your heartstrings and is loads of fun learning all about it! Just think how clever you’ll feel when you can have a real conversation with artist’s about their work.

Join the conversation…start today…The art teachers from the Art Apprentice Online have written an e-book as an introduction to Art Appreciation.

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