Encourage Creativity and Discover Power of Observation?

by Neadeen Masters on July 19, 2012

The famous young author, Anne Frank once said, “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” Take a moment to think about your own childhood… Were we encouraged to draw, paint or to be creative or was that something that fell into our own hands like our character? Children who are instinctively creative are blessed if they grow up in an environment where creativity is encouraged and nurtured. What a wonderful and promising start these young artists will have, especially if they have the inclination to learn to paint and develop their power of observation.

Power of Observation - Art Apprentice Online Power of Observation – Art Apprentice Online

Do you have a little da Vinci in your family? Leonardo da Vinci was a little da Vinci when he was a young boy. Born in the village of Anchiano twenty two miles west of Florence Italy, he was born in a farmhouse to a young peasant girl, the daughter of a local farmer. He was raised between the house of his young mother and that of his affluent father who was a notary and his stepmother who was from a wealthy family. It seems that he had a childhood rich in nurture and nature as he was exposed to both worlds, that of culture and that of the earth. He showed his artistic talents at a young age and the rest is now history…

Leonardo da Vinci stressed that the two most important aspects necessary for developing the artist and learning to paint, these were the powers of observation and memory. He said, ‘the painter will produce pictures of little excellence if he takes other painters as his authority, but if he learns from natural things he will bear good fruit’. Basically, reproduction of art is one thing, but learning to ‘see’ for ourselves is much more rewarding and beneficial to artistic development and creativity.

Artistic independence and the power of observation is what he stressed and this only comes to us if and when we develop our eye to ‘see’. Observation and memory are two skills that are innately childlike, those little minds like sponges soaking up the details and seeing everything fresh and natural. Art Apprentice Online provides many resources to help you help your ‘little da Vinci’s’ develop a keen sense of observation, good hand eye coordination and a memory like an elephant, able to record the wonderful details necessary to create the masterpieces of the future…Here’s an online art class that will help you develop your own observation skills.

“Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life” – Marcus Aurelius

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